Monday, 3 November 2008

Bamboo Domino - Pink Lady

You saw this dangling in a jam pot yesterday evening - and here it is finished at last.

I painted the domino with two coats of Lumiere paint to match the images. When dry I glued them onto the domino - doing one side at a time. At gave it a couple of coats of Shellac to seal and waterproof it.

I used the same process for the front using a vintage image.

Then I chose some beads, which although look transparent here, they have tints of pink mother of pearl when the light catches them.

The silver topper (for want of a better word) was rather a challenge to put on. It is firmly attached through the domino with wires and those have been superglued into the holes make it rigid. I just need to add a silver ring to it - then decide what use to put it too.

I finished it off with a further three coats of Shellac - to creat a lovely glossy but soft look.


Paula said...

ooooo and ooooo again!this is stunning,love the colour,love the image...actually I just love it full stop! These would make gorgeous xmas tree decs.

LazyKay said...

That's really pretty - I'm not usually a 'pink' person but it suits this piece perfectly.


Claireabelle said...

Gorgeous! Think I need to try these, thanks for the inspiration