Friday, 22 June 2007

Bathing beauties - ATCs for an organised swap

I have been spending far to much time doing manual labour - and other things - and not spent enough time for 'myself' relaxing - so this afternoon as it was raining, I remedied the fact and spent four wonderful hours making these.

These were all monochrome photos to start with!

Having been posed in a Victorian studio, I wanted to 'blur' the fact so have altered this photo and the others, for a 'Vintage Bathing Beauty Swap' but I am not sure that they will be right for it.

The seal I stamped on - to add a bit of fun - it came from USA, I quite like the way that the the foaming sea in the background gives a nice natural seal-like texture to its back.

This one is another 'posed' photograph. I have added layers and layers of mulberry paper to give it texture and to represent a foaming sea. I spent a lot of time colouring and shading these photos - and especially the mulberry paper otherwise it would have looked flat. The stamp I used came from America.

Here is the last one - I hope they are not too 'arty farty' for the swap.

Another Victorian photo which I have 'messed about with' to make it look all wishy washy to give the feel of the seaside.

It was originally a studio shot with a plain background and she was sitting on a chair - the shoes are a giveaway clue!


LazyKay said...

Perfixck Lottie - I'd be happy to get one that's for sure.


Zuzu's Blog said...

these are perfect for the bathing beauties swap lottie ..
well done

RUTH said...

Oh they're lovely. I do like the effect of the sea you've done in the second one.

RUTH said...

Really weird Lottie...I keep putting comments on your posts of your allotment blog and some of them disappear. Did a really long one on your post in praise of Norman's lovely garden and it disappeared! Spoke to MrsNesbitt today and she's having the same problem. Have tried again on your snail photo today but it seems to have disappeared too. Maybe the snails are eating them!!!