Saturday, 23 June 2007

Architecture Swap - For Mandy

This one was made on white card, with a rich cream backing paper which I stamped with Latin text. I carefully inked around the edges to try to give it an 'aged' look with the addition of distressed embossing powder. This I carried across to the architecture to link it all together - and to give the feel and impression of stonework. I gilded the fairy wings to give a focal point.

Black and white study on a black card which has been embossed with a black shiny powder to give the effect of pebble dashing. There is embossing on the building which highlights the fancy brickwork,arch and door.

A black and white work, with a soft white stamped background, the silver on the foreground images looks smooth and dull silver to the naked eye.

I am delighted that Mandy chosen this one as her hostess gift. For some reason you can not see the colouring.

Black card stamped with latin writing, the house I coloured with water colour pencils a pale shade of grey, the glass in the windows a soft pale yellow so that it looks like the lights are on in the house and gives it depth.

The Venus De Milo is coloured pale cream with water colour pencils and the foreground flowers are coloured yellow to mirror the windows - but slightly darker.

I had a real struggle with this theme, but am so glad that it stretched my imagination to think of ways to interpret it. And of course I had a very happy three hours or so 'playing' in my studio making them.


RUTH said...

I really like black and white and sepia photos so these ATCs really appeal to me. Glad you enjoyed your 3 hours of "play"

allotment lady said...

Thank you Ruth - you should really have a go.

If you want to, email me and I will send you some bits to start you off.

Heather Robinson said...

Oh, wow! I just had the pleasure of meandering through your artwork and it is stunning. I find these architecture-themed atcs so compelling. Lovely to experience your work.

Zuzu's Blog said...

I am doing a happy dance as I have one the same as the top one and I love it .. all very nice ATCs Lottie ..