Sunday, 10 June 2007

Experimenting with silver, paint, and ink.

A friend Kath sent me some stamped hands - so I am trying out different ways of using them.

I painted some backing paper, and added some silver

Then I inked over the silver to dull it down a bit and to make a mottled effect with the colour combinations

After which I stamped on the ferns then collaged the hands.

The flash on the camera makes the silver look bright and shiny - but in natural light it is dull, and just adds a subtle shimmer behind the soft colours to give it a bit of depth - sometimes I find stamped image ATCs look a bit 'flat',so am trying out ideas to solve that.


RUTH said...

Lovely! Those hands are just begging for a globe to hold.

gina said...

Hello! Popping in on new links of new people! I love those hands and thanks for the insignt as to how you do it! I am new to altered art and mixed media and love to know how these things begin!

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh Lottie, this is really very beatiful!..

Heather Robinson said...

These atcs with the hands are so fascinating. There is such potential in their openness. Gorgeous.

MammyT said...

I love this.