Friday, 11 October 2013

Studio Cabin Makeover

Well my studio has had a make over at last! 
I have wanted to do it for years!

Since Mr Lottie's serious illness it really made me see things differently, and now that he is on the mend I am going to start enjoying life and spending more time in my studio - which I decided I would brighten up with a Makeover.

 I took these photos in the pouring rain

It's brighter in real life and on a sunny day!

It is my haven - and heated so that I can use it all winter.  It got rather neglected for the past couple of years a Mr L was so ill - but now it has a new lease of life - just like he does - and I am going to make the most of both!

I had a wonderful time creating arty crafty things, reading, 
gazing out of my window watching the chickens - who all seemed to skidaddle when they saw the camera! - or maybe it was the heavy rain.

I took the opportunity of chatting to a lovely forum friend on the phone - a perfect day!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

That's your studio? Oh my goodness - you are definitely a lucky girl! It's SOOO pretty!!

sam21ski said...

Looks fab Lottie and I bet with it having a make over it makes you want to go in there now and get all creative again - good for you and so pleased Mr Lottie is on the mend and getting back to good health again.

Sam xxx

gardenpinks said...

I do envy you your studio and love its makeover. It looks fabulous :)
Lynn xx

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that Mr Lottis is doing well, and that you are able to be creative. I'm a follower of your allotment lady blog and have been missing that.
Good health is everything i know.

Pat Beaumont said...

Fabulous make-over - now just enjoy life and be creative :)

viv said...

I love your studio. Now you can really enjoy your crafting.