Wednesday, 2 October 2013

More texture pages

More experimental pages for my texture reference book.

It's just one of the forum projects going on at Cardmaking Paradise   see the link in the  post below.

I got my inspiration for this whilst looking out my garden studio window
on a dull wet grim sort of day.

 I cast my mind back to autumn last year with the bare vines of the ivy clinging to the birch trees
The leaves are starting to fall after the cold snap these past few nights, and I have mixed in some frosty wintery sparkle - and the wistful vintage girl printed on a perspex 'window' in the woods.

So somehow the challenge of using texture paste on a page - I seem to have turned into a Narnia type dream

And my 'texture paste' alas wasn't the posh art one - but a £! pot of unamed all purpose filler in a hardware shop!

The texture pages being created on the forum by members are so colourful and  beautiful - I just wish I didn't have a weird imagination and could just create the way they do - without it having to 'be' something pictorial.

Apparently it is all due to what sort of brain you have - honestly I was told that by a professional!

I happen to see things in pictures in my brain - tasks, problems, mathematical things - you name it I visualise it!  Tsk!


Paula Whittaker said...

Nothing wrong in the way you view things - it's better to be unique then the same as everyone else. Like the texture on your page.

sam21ski said...

Great texture there on your page Lottie and love the colour combo, fab idea to add the sparkle

Hope Mr Lottie is doing okay now too

Sam xxx

Libellula Jewelry said...

I think it's great that you did it *your* way and also used an unconventional art material. Hardware store items can be great substitutes!

Netty said...

Beautiful texture, its good to think differently, Annette x

maggie said...

Nothing wrong with your £1 filler - what are you going to spend the money on that you saved?:) I love your pictorial version of the texture technique and especially like the twiggy pieces growing up the side of your house.

Maggie X

Sheelagh said...

Why be conventional, it looks great Lottie. Lovely texture. Good work with your bargain filler too.

Sandies' Patch said...

You wouldn't be you if you were as boring as the everyday make-for-profit-mass produced stuff!
I like 'different' not 'same as'LOL!
I've seen on blogland I think it was, someone using paper pulp as the textured backgrounds. I expect you would have to be careful what sort of card/base you would use because of the moisture and also some kind of 'preserver/varnish'on top?
Anyway, keep on thinking 'outside of the box' or in this case....'outside of the page'!


Sandie xxx

gardenpinks said...

This is great Lottie, I love all the different textures you managed to incorporate into your piece. Don't apologise for being different :) I've done the texture bit but haven't coloured it yet; in the end I used Sheelagh's recipe for making the texture paste.
Lynn xx

Christine B. said...

Hi Lottie I love this, you've got so much texture and sparkle. It looks wonderful. Love and hugs x ChrisB