Monday, 30 September 2013

Textures House Book

Well I am still soldiering on with my house texture pages which we are showcasing on the Cardmaking Paradise Forum.

Here is another example for the 'Buttons, bits and bobs' textured house

I had to scan it as my batteries were flat in my camera - doh!  
The face was an image transfer onto mount board for the back of the frame.
The front I cut out a scalloped aperture, then covered the whole of the area with tile sealant - which was the only glue type 'stuff' I had to had that I could smooth on thickly to take the different depths and sizes of buttons and other 'junk' bits and pieces.

  I smothered them all with metal paint - just and old cheapo I have had years which is running out now - yikes.  When dry, I highlighted it with silver rub and buff, the mounted it on top of the image transfer which I had covered with a piece of 'overhead slide transparency cut to size.

It's stuck together with double sided sellotape

The cover page
 One of the metal pages
 More to come later
It looks so much better in real life!


sam21ski said...

Oooh looks stunning Lottie so can imagine how it looks IRL, sometimes shiny is very hard to photo isn't it!!

Great to see you getting back into the swing of it.

Sam xxx

gardenpinks said...

Lottie that is fabulous, love it. Blimey O'Riley you have even done the cover piece, how organised you are. Love that image and all the pieces look lovely.
Hope your ankle is soon feeling less painful, just don't hobble about on it too much :)
Lynn xx

Christine B. said...

Lottie this looks wonderful, so nice to see you back crafting. Sorry to see you have hurt your ankle. Take care .Love and hugs x ChrisB

maggie said...

Fabulous pieces, Lottie. There are going to make a wonderful technique book.
Mines not much of a book yet - I've only done the metal page!

Maggie x

maggie said...

Fabulous pieces, Lottie. They are going to make a wonderful techniques book.

Mines not much of a book yet - I've only done the metal page!

Maggie x

Sheelagh said...

Absolutely stunning Lottie, great texture and colour. The image is gorgeous, you have a been a busy bee! Take Care
Sheelagh x

Sandies' Patch said...

Looks stunning Lottie! I especially love the colour.

Lou Fu-Fu said...

Wow I love the texure on these, the blue woman with the flowing hair is just stunning!