Monday 1 April 2013

Another softer 'face' exercise

Deep in thought.

 Are those sad soulful eyes?

Is that a mean look to her lips?

Or just a wry expression - accepting the inevitable.

One more face tomorrow

Finishing on a fun note!


Paula Whittaker said...

love the moody looking eye's on this piece....seems like this book has really helped trigger you in to getting back into creating again.

gardenpinks said...

Oh wow I love this one. Definitely a lady deep in thought with a far away expression. Nor is her mouth mean but slightly twisted with some thought that is crossing her mind :)
Lynn xx

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I've been really enjoying seeing these. Each one is so different and delightful. You have a definite talent!!

Createology said...

Somehow I missed your faces and I am so glad I have now seen them. They are FABULOUS!!! Creative Bliss...

sam21ski said...

Another great experiment Lottie, loving what I'm seeing, bet you're extremely pleased with the results.

Hope all is well with you your end.

Sam xxx