Saturday, 30 March 2013

Ginger Lady

Another play.

She's been photographed on the hough - sorry for that.

She is square in real life - I think I'll put her in a frame as I quite like her

I just want to make clear that these are monochrome excises from a collage book - which you are encouraged to copy and colour and 'tweak'.

So I traced them and added circles and swirls and bits etc here and there to the little pictures which are smaller than these photos, and coloured them.

So I can't take any credit for the 'one eye' ideas or the basic styles. 


sam21ski said...

Loving your experimenting

Sam xxx

Deborah said...

She's very cool. I like the script thing going on bottom right too.

Effie said...

Lottie.... . Your 'experiments 'are fabulous! You've made more use of that book than I ever did... Look forward to seeing more.

gardenpinks said...

A very cool lady, love the colour combination and the scroll/script in the bottom right hand corner. Love her blue eye!
Lynn x