Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Relic

Well this is going to be my most ambitious project yet.
 You can probably guess what this is - but you might need to see the whole thing.
Well you know where this came from now don't you?

From my art room of course!

This is the original - I have had it for years and bought it from an art shop.
It's a very thick and  heavy plaster cast of an 'artifact from a Roman Ruin.'

Don't ask me why I bought it - I really don't know - we had and still have a 'modern' home - but I just fell in love with the romance of it.

It's big - so I couldn't make a mould from all of it - so I took a mould from the top middle 6 inches or so.
I love all the texture and craggy holes and chunks missing.   I can see that I'll be taking more moulds of bits of it.

It's made of Super Sculpey polymer clay which I covered with burnt  umber - rubbing it in everywhere I could.  Then rubbed of the excess with paper towel.

You'd never guess mine was made out of plastic would you?

I think I'll take a bit of time to mount it and make perhaps, some mosaic polymer clay tiles to go around - which will take me rather a long time.


Paula Whittaker said...

looks amazing Lottie...a real treasure indeed.

sam21ski said...

Wow Lottie, love it, perfect to replicate

Sam xxx

lainey said...

FAB work Lottie, aren't you doing well!!! lainey x

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

It's beautiful and looks like old weathered stone and not plastic at all.

Sandie said...

Phew! What a lot of effort!
Can't wait to see the whole finished article.

Couldn't get near the polymer clay stand at the show, it was so busy there, goodness knows what it was like on Saturday, which is even busier!

Have a great week,

Sandie xx

Angelnorth said...

Looks great! Being able to make it look like just about anything else is one of the beauties of polymer clay isn't it?!

Kaowyn said...

Very clever Lottie. Amazing effect you achieved there.