Saturday, 25 February 2012

Playing/experimenting with polymer clay

I am still desperate to get some polymer clay lessons - but just can't find any in Norfolk.  There is a class with Sue in Suffolk where I did the Silver Clay, but it's on 1st April - when I'll be recovering from an eye operation all being well - so I can't go to that.

The bead shop outside the village is no longer listing Silver Clay and Polymer Clay as future courses which is a shame. I did find a place  via Google, in Dereham, but am not getting any response to emails or phone messages - despite the advert for lessons starting again in February 2012 so perhaps circumstance have changed or something has gone amiss there.

So I am just messing about experimenting really - but I'd much rather have a proper lesson or two.  I can't seem to get a good photo today - nothing unusal there  On my computer screen the samples look more like a cork colour rather than the lovely rich burnt umber and raw sienna colour with a nice dark bronze subtle sheen and just like leather in 'real life'.  I used Premo Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna and Bronze Accents,
It looks like a lovely rich leather - which I could capture it on here.

 I scrunched up some paper and pushed it into the polymer clay (after conditioning and rolling it)
I pushed a key stamp into the above
I used A Jo Capper Sandon large bumble bee stamp which I pushed into this one.

One of my all time favourite quote stamps - again from Jo into this one.
You can get the stamps from Happy Daze    and all sorts of lovely arty crafty goodies.
I painted each example  all over with with Burnt Umber acrylic paint, then rubbed off the excess with a soft rag.  When the paint had dried naturally, I rubbed on some Cosmic Shimmer  - it's called dark copper but after baking it shimmered like bumble wings do.  It looks a bit 'clumpy' in the photos but in natural light wtih the naked eye it doesn't - and you can see the wing veins through it.  
Not bad for a first attempt - I got better as I went along - but have not perfected it yet.

I desperately want a lesson on making canes with polymer clay.   I now there are books and on line videos - but it's not the same as having someone by my side showing me.

So if anyone fancies giving me a lesson - please email me.


Sandie said...

I don't know about YOU going to classes, I think you could GIVE them LOL!
This leather effect is very good and the bumble bee wings...amazing!
What size is the bumble bee piece?
I was thinking it would make a great pendant perhaps on a real leather thong?

Well. must go, off to my Nephew in laws' 50th Birthday curry night!

Keep up the good experiments!

Sandie xx

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, Lottie, they're lovely. Methinks you're doing fine without classes, m'dear - lovely, lovely work. Love the effect of the mica powders and I bet they look absolutely scrummy in real life. I love that stamp of Jo's, too. Gorgeous stuff x

sam21ski said...

I don't know about cork Lottie, I think it looks more like leather, especially the bottom one.

They are all fabulous. I don't think you need lessons, but perhaps want to take one to reassure yourself you're doing it right, but until you find some, I'd say, just carry on experimenting, you're doing great.

Sam xxx

Pearl said...

Your clay looks really nice Lottie, thanks for the kind words. It's fun to experiment isn't it? Have a great day, Pearl