Wednesday 22 February 2012

A box that didn't explode - Edited

I just had to have another go at covering a round box after the first one exploded!
So using another pack of the wonderful Premo Accents in blue with a touch of white I had a fun time covering it.

I used the crochet doily again to texture the lid, and some heart and swirls for the sides.
The I used a shell mould for the lid, and added a pearl but I now see that it could do with a cluster of pearls as it looks a bit odd with just one on the shell - that's easy to fix!
Now that looks better doesn't it - five shells around the pearl.  I am  happy with it now.
The are real shells too - with a touch of shine which I added to them.
Wish I could say the same for the pearl!

I painted inside and out of the box and lid with some cheap acrylic metallic paint to finish it off.


sam21ski said...

Wow Lottie, it looks stunning, so pleased you decided to give it another go.

Fab colour choice too, goes lovely with all those lush beads and chains.

Sam xxx

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Such fabulous and original use of a doily.
Stunning box.

Ginger said...

Lovely, what a great assortment of goodies it's holding too. x

Paula Whittaker said...

loooks fab Lottie!

Christine said...

What a lovely box!

I have been following your "adventures" in clay and have been fascinated to see what you have made. Please don't run yourself down, when the things you make are not quite perfect - they are much better than I could ever make, and they will get even better as you practice.

Kaowyn said...

Amazing box Lottie. Well done for being so persistent.