Monday, 23 January 2012

Monsieur Moth

Sadly I have only been playing with polymer clay for a few weeks - but inspired by Donna Kato (who has been working with polymer clay for twenty years or so and is very famous)  whose book I got for my Christmas present - I decided not to make her Madame Butterfly as I have neither the talent or all the things one would need to do so - but instead - may I present to you ..........
 Monsieur Moth

Oh dear, I see he has a couple of flecks of gold on his face - I need to wipe them off!  
(My eyesight is bad, so apologies)
I got my inspiration from an Egyptian Sarcophagus
(my husband says that's the thing in your throat - anyway - I mean the grave/tomb thingie)

 So this pendant, is a cross between an Egyptian tomb mask, with the idea of a moth as opposed to Donna Kato's wonderful butterfly.
It's only little 7cms x 7cms - and was very fiddly to do, and has taken me all the time since my last post!
I'll wear it as a pendant - just need to get my son to drill into the back 'ouch' so that I can attach a ring or two - I am too scared to do it myself!

The little grey mark you see on the right hand side is in fact just a reflection of the light.  I took the photo, put the picture on here and saw it, but having rushed back to look at the 'grey mark' it's non existent!
Thank you for visiting

(If you looked earlier you would have seen so many typing errors, which I hope I have now corrected.  My eyes are still recovering from a hospital visit this morning - so no crafting today)


Sandie said...

Did you use some sort of cast/mould or is it freehand?
Whichever, it is a fantastic work of art!
Dou you think I'm just a tad impressed? LOL!
I don't think I could drill holes in my first master piece either!

Your talents are seemingly endless!

Have a great week,

Sandie xx

Cath Wilson said...

Brilliant, Lottie and you're absolutely right - it's a sarcophagus. The other one is possibly an esophagus? I've taken a couple of classes with Donna K at CHA and really enjoyed them but I never ever revisited the clay, which is a shame. Can't do it all but she's very talented x

Carrie said...

Lottie, that's so impressive! It's worked really well and I love that you've taken Donna's idea off in a new direction of your should be really proud of yourself!!
Talk about jumping in at the deep end!!!

Rachelxx said...

I'm really impressed with the work you've put into this :-) Wear it with pride! Well Done!

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

This is stunning and well worth persevering with all the experiments.

Jack said...

Oh Lottie this is fabulous. Such a gread idea to add the moth to an egyptian gentleman as it reminds me somehow of a scarob beetle. And I would seriously consider using super glue to add a ring or something to the back rather than drilling this wonderful work of art. xx

sam21ski said...

WOW Lottie, love how it's all come together but what I really like is the lovely sheen you have on that black clay, it looks lush.

You've done a great job with the face mould, you can really see all the detail.

Sam xxx

Anonymous said...

That is brilliant Lottie. I love it and well done you for attempting such a mini masterpiece and pulling it off. Love the black face.
Tell hubby the throat is oesophagus and you are right with sarcophagus :)

Thank you for sharing this and hope you enjoy wearing it.

Lynn x

Flo said...

A lovely piece and so much work and patience it must have taken congrats to you

Paula Whittaker said...

Very impressive and also very striking.Hope the hospital visit went ok.

Angelnorth said...

Love how you've taken the original idea and turned it into something new, fabulous job! I think I would glue a bail to this rather than trying to drill it - your poor son would be mortified if it split!

Kaowyn said...

Lottie, this is a wonderful piece. Rene Lalique, eat your heart out!