Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Charm bracelet

I have been working on this for a couple of days now.  
Firstly I made the charm bracelet with just silver charms, and a couple of transparent beads to mark the clasps - and it looked a  bit bare.
But after looking at it - I decided that it could do with a bit more of Kath's stash.
So I started it over again.
The little charms are mine - but I thought they needed a bit of company with Kath's tiny weeney square beads in metallic green and metallic blue.
The clasps came from Kath too.
I can see a mistake - which I will rectify tomorrow - I'm too tired tonight!

Can you see?  The square bead on the top left should be in the next link nearer to the clasp.

It's difficult to photograph silver charms and metallic beads - the light reflects off them!
The charms are miniatures and the beads are teeny weeny so quite a challenge for me.

My 'Lotions  &  Creams' one to one workshop was cancelled this morning, and the poor tutor was very poorly with a really bad cold - she sounded terrible poor thing - so we re-booked for next week.

Every negative has a positive - or so the saying goes - so I wrapped up warm and off I went for an hour and a half walk around the village.   Kicking up leaves like a five year old along the little footpaths and alleyways around the village and through the church yard.  I walked from one end to the other and most of the little cul de sacs in between.   I muddied my shoes walking up the allotment and past the three bungalows which are being built where the pig sheds were.

Right up to the top of the field - not a soul up the allotments - but I spotted some chickens right at the top - half a dozen free ranging - I hope the plot holder realizes that there used to be foxes up there.
I wish that I had worn my welly boots  - I might have ventured over the ploughed field!


sam21ski said...

Stunning bracelet Lottie, love the charms. Didn't notice the 'wrong' beading until you pointed it out.

What a shame your class was cancelled, I know how you've been enjoying them, although this does make me smile as I can just imagine you kicking up the leaves like a little kid!!!!

Sam xxx

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, sounds like a lovely walk, Lottie - just what I could do with right now! LOVE your charm bracelet - really pretty and no, I couldn't see the mistake until you pointed it out, lol. Shame about your class being cancelled, but as you say, 'Every cloud...' - you used it to your advantage.

Christine B. said...

Hi Lottie your bracelet looks so pretty. Sounds like you had a lovely time on your walk. What a pity your class was cancelled. Hugs x ChrisB

Jack said...

What a shame your course has been postponed - sounds brilliant. And the walk is just what I need - if only I had the time, lol.
Love your charm bracelet. xx

melsanford said...

A beautiful bracelet :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx