Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Heart of Art - Week 2

Well it's been so hard trying to fit in the time to make a start on my Week 2 project - but here goes.
We started off with a children's board book - any sort - this was 30p from a charity shop.
We painted the pages with Gesso in preparation for doing an image transfer

We were shown two methods of doing an image transfer - by using an image printed on an acrylic sheet - which I didn't have - so I used the other technique

Whereby you print your image onto paper, cut it out, paint glue onto the page nice and thickly, then add the image, and leave to dry - and this is what it looks like at the leaving to dry stage.

I left mine overnight - don't know how I had the patience - but I did, and it was worth it!

Once dry, using your fingers, you rub, and rub, and rub to remove all the paper off the print and are left with the image in the now dried glue!

It's quite eerie how it emerges - and it really is hard to imagine beforehand that it will emerge.
But it does and leaves a lovely soft, almost ghostly effect - which is quite appropriate for this exercise as it represents our childhood years - up to around 3yrs old.  

I didn't have any photos of my childhood  years so 'borrowed' some images.  You can see some of the bits of rubbed paper still around.  
The next part of the process is to type up words or phrases to represent your wishes for the childhood images.  

My printer decided to pack up, grrr, so I had to improvise.

I am rather disappointed about that, so if/when I get it fixed I think I will paint over my writing and print out the phrases as you get a much better result.

One of the things that Tam has taught us is that there is no such thing as a 'mistake' - you just paint over it as many times as you like to change it.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! I will have to try the glue method for transfers. Yours look great.

Serendipitychild said...

I like the handwriting, it makes it more personal.

themessycraftroom said...

Hi ,it looks very good to me. I think the writing fits in with it lovely. I like the images you chose. I've never heard of that transfer techneque before. Well done Lottie. Hugs x ChrisB

Carol Q said...

very successful image transfers Lottie. must admit, I like your handwriting too.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your transfers look great - I've never seen that way of doing them and will have to give it a try. As for redoing your writing - why?? You have lovely penmanship!!

Ati. said...

Lottie I like the pages. The transfer is lovely done. I agree with the others here: the handwriting is nice !! Don't paint over it. Writing by yourself gives so much extra!
PS. I just have ordered the watercolor crayons in GB ;)
Looking forward to get started!

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

It looks a good course, would love to take part but a bit pushed for time at the moment. I love your pages, dont paint over your writing, it makes the page more personal. I shall look forward to seeing what you create next.

sam21ski said...

The transfers look great Lottie and I think the personal touch of your handwriting sets it apart. Sometimes types words are too uniform.

hazel said...

This is wonderfull Lottie, I must try the transfer technique and I agree don't paint over your writing.
xxx Hazel.

Genie said...

Thats What i needed was Patience.never my strong point Lol!
Love how yours have turned out.
I have not finished week 2 yet

Cath Wilson said...

Was just thinking how much I like your handwriting, then I read what Carol Q said, lol. Lovely work, Lottie and that's one image transfer technique I haven't tried. Gorgeous.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Gorgeous transferring Lottie.
I remember our telephone conversations well with reference to your childhood days..xxx

Lorraine said...

love this its fab and so personal to you

Anonymous said...

great transfers and I think the handwriting makes it more personal especially as it is your thoughts/feelings.

Rosie said...

Lottie - kudos to you! I love your image transfers - bravo! (You have more patience than me hunni!!)

Jackie said...

Wow, wonderful pages. (I haven't put any on my blog so far, will probably put them all togther at the end!)