Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Heart of Art

 I am not going to say much about the actual techniques or theory behind this free journal course, because when I mentioned it on one particular forum, with a link there were some 'negative' almost dismissive comments from some who obviously had not even read through the course notes!

Here is my effort - and the point where I am usually very critical of my work - but today all that has changed.

My Week 1 Part 1 in the style of wonderful Tam.

There are lots of techniques on this course which I have never tried and probably never would have.

This page consists of many layers, which include writing

Watercolours and paint

Stamping and printing

Week 1 Part 2

 My first portrait ever!

 After which you 'dribble' water along the top. 
Which was very scary for me as I thought it would totally ruin my work!
The water made the paint trickle all the way down the hair and nearer the bottom ran along the edge of it almost like an outline.

-and along the bottom (I did have to tip it up as it would have dripped all over my table)
Instead of panicking seeing the paint run it was very cathartic, and looked like someone shedding tears!

I found it mesmorising.

It is extremely rare for me to cry - so this was fascinating!

It is a dark day today so the light levels are really low so hard to capture the true colours

Having seen the latest course work on the site - Week 2 is going to be brilliant.
More techniques - and I will be coming back to this to improve it.

Thank you for looking.

And if you happen to see this Tam - thank you from the bottom of my heart for tempting me out of my arty crafty doldrums.

There are over 1,000 people who have joined Tam's journalling course

Actions speak louder than words!

If this has tempted you to have a go at something completely different, why not click on the link in my side bar and take a look for yourself - you will be amazed.


Carol Q said...

wow Lottie - gorgeous pages, love the backgrounds you have created and I would never have guessed you hadn't painted a portrait before! I'm off to have a look

themessycraftroom said...

Wow Lottie this is beautiful. Your portrait is gorgeous. I can't believe it's the first one you have done. The colours of your painting and stamping are lovely. As usual your work is stunning. Hugs x ChrisB

sam21ski said...

Totally fab pages Lottie, your layers look fantastic and wow that portrait, it's just brilliant - off to take a look at the link xxxx

willowing said...

hi lottie; i did get to see this post! :)) this right here, your post, your enjoyment of the course, your happiness and change is exactly what i do it for. <3 i'm very moved by this! thank you so much.

willowing said...

ps. i LOVE your art creation (got so caught up by the other stuff, didn't even mention it!). i very much love her face, the colours in the background and the beautiful layers you've created. :)) x

Ati. said...

Love what you made Lottie! I will have a look at that site!

Pearl said...

First portrait! I wish I could do that it's beautiful.

Lottie said...

Oh you could Pearl - you really could - just click on the link and have a go

There are videos and pdf files - everything you could possibly need to create a portrait and so much more!

Anonymous said...

a wonderful creation...I joined the group but havent watched or done anything yet but will make the time to do that now.

Lottie said...

You won't regret doing so Paula

It is so 'freeing' not to judge one's own work I found. It's not longer 'good' 'OK' 'bad' etc

It now 'just is' and totally absorbing.

hazel said...

Brilliant pages Lottie, love the background and your portrait is wonderful.

I shall go and look at the site.
xxx Hazel.

Angelnorth said...

Glad you're enjoying the course Lottie, you've made a fabulous start here, your portrait looks wonderful and the dribbled paint worked beautifully!

Sherry said...

It really is a wonderful course isn't it. I love your journal page - the background detail is fabulous and your portrait beautiful! I'd never painted a portrait before either and found Tam's instruction so clear and inspiring.

Look forward to seeing what you do for the next part.

LazyKay said...

What gorgeous work!

Just had a quick back scan of what you've posted while I've been away from my computer and as always, it's inspiring.

Love the flowers too.



Lorraine said...

what a fantastic page Lottie..love all the layers and arent we learning a lot..such as dribbling paint etc..I wouldnt have thought of doing the stuff she has taught us in a million years. I cant believe there are negative people out there who criticse a fantastic course such as this..well lets not waste time on such time wasters and enjoy ourselves! Thanks very much for your comment on my little whimsies...I have painted all 4 of them now so am on to the background and I am learning such a lot and having fun

Neet said...

Sorry I have not visited for a while - and wow - this looks like a new direction. Am loving what you are doing - the first page you show has such wonderful colours - and the portrait is superb.
Am now going to have to follow your link.

Rosie said...

Lottie, it's such a beautiful spread, don't go back and do anything to it... It's perfect! I love your background too and I can't believe we got sneered at! Their loss, not ours. I am stunned that I have enjoyed the whimsies so much - it's so far outside my comfort zone!! 'o)

Anonymous said...

Your journal pages are gorgeous; Dear Lottie,i am so pleased you have joined Tam's workshop; she is a beautiful soul indeed!

Jackie said...

brilliant! Such amazing work, Lottie!