Tuesday, 14 September 2010

One hundred pennies well spent

What can you buy for one pound that will make you feel like a million dollars and bring a smile to your face for a week?
A bunch of dahlias which I have arranged in what will now be a vintage vase, with foliage from my garden.

It is pure sunshine on a rainy and dull day.

Not only that but also

A full on, really clashing, bunch of  hot reds and pinks Zinnias.
They look really, really bright in the kitchen and just make me smile so much - unfortunately with the light coming in from the conservatory at the back, they don't photograph well.

I bought them last Friday - when it was tipping it down with rain and they still look wonderfully fresh!

Do flowers make you feel great and make you smile too?

Mine come from Andrew up the allotments.


maggi said...

Gorgeous flowers. Those colours are guaranteed to keep you cheerful.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Very well spent!
Gorgeous blooms.


These flowers are gorgoues x Yes flowers make me smile x And yours did too!!! x Leigh x

themessycraftroom said...

Your flowers look lovely. They always make me smile to. Not that I buy them very often. Too dear around here. Hugs ChrisB xx

Createology said...

Your flowers are lovely and YES flowers do make me smile and feel happy. I should treat myself to a bunch more often. It would so brighten the kitchen where I spend a lot of time. Happy flower enjoying...

LazyKay said...

Your talent is wated Lottie, getwriting that book! Great work.

Lovely arrangements.


Zuzu's Blog said...

those ball headed chrysanthemums are one of my all time favourite flowers.. and you dont see them so often as you used to.. they are stunning

Jane said...

Definately 100 pennies well spent, the flowers are gorgeous & the colours so refreshing, I also love that have been hand grown with love by 'Andrew up the allotment' & not mass produced. It makes the heart swell to see such beauty in the home.
I believe this is the 1st time I have visited your blog Lottie, but I will be back because it is such a pleasant read while enjoying my afternoon tea.

willowing said...

i love your 'claude page' lottie! thanks so much for putting up the button. just wanted to say that it's ok to share the course with the people on your forums, thank you so much!! x