Friday, 9 April 2010

Normal service will be resumed soon

Well in case you missed me - I have been off line since my last post. 

1. My broadband has been down - now rectified yippee
2. I can't be on here long due to eye problems - which I hope will settle down in the next couple of weeks.

So I have been spending my time baking lots of tasty cakes and cup cakes - and freezing them (my gorgeous bantams are laying like the clappers at the moment)
And as I have been doing a bit of gardening I have been finding eggs under bushes,

 in a flower pot,

on a pile of empty potting compost bags under the lean too - and some actually in the nesting box  where they should be!

The fresh stalks of rhubarb are up in the garden

so I have been making tasty pies topped with puff pastry

I have been doing a bit of pottering about in the garden, weeding

Spreading and digging in my compost
All sorts of things to keep me happy until my vision improves
Taking time to look at the spring flowers
And marvelling at the different shades and patterns on the hellibores
And trying to see where these sneaky game birds are going to lay their eggs.

Sorry there are no arty crafty things to look at - fingers crossed the eyes will improve soon so that I can get back to playing in the studio.

Until then - you'll find me singing away in the garden, or sowing seeds, or just sitting in the shade, watching my chooks, and listening to the birds.

Have a great weekend and hope to be back to normal service and visiting all your blogs soon.


sam21ski said...

Hope your eyes will be better soon Lottie

The birds seem to have settled in very nicely xxxxx

Sally H said...

Your garden is looking beautiful and the 'girls' look very much at home. It's good to hear they are laying well. Hope your eyes are better soon and you are able to get back to a little crafting. In the meantime enjoy the sun and the produce...wish I lived nearer!

Julie said...

What a beautiful garden you have, Lottie--love your chickens! I sure hope your eyes are feeling better soon, and that you're back to normal in no time!

Pearl said...

Hi Lottie, I always like to look at your girls and your garden. I hope your eyes give you relief soon! Pearl

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

I'm glad to see life is now on the up for you and you are able to enjoy your garden and the bantams.Fingers crossed you get better asap and all that fresh air and fresh rhubarb does you good. :0) xx Loved your post.

Sandie's Patch said...

Hi Lottie,
Missed you!
I do hope your eyes are better soon.
Thinking of you, save me a cake LOL!

Sandie xx

Createology said...

So Very Thankful you will be doing better quickly. We missed you. Looks like your chickens are doing their very own Easter Egg Hunt for you. Your garden is lovely. How nice to spend time puttering. Happy singing...

LazyKay said...

Pleased to see you back on line at last.

Lovely photos of the flowers.

LOL at the locations of the eggs -must be a full time job tracking them all down.

The cooking looks YUM!

You've been busy in the garden too - don't know how you fit it all in.


Anonymous said...

"Sneaky gamebirds". Yes, they are! But there is something so comforting about hearing them cluck and watching them scratching about, isn't there!

Your garden looks lovely, Lottie. And DO try drying the daffodils! Yes, they're fragile, as thin as tissue paper, but so lovely!

I hope your eyes are better. I have "dry eyes" and my eye doctor says the next step is a $90 a month prescription! Ouch!

Have a wonderful Sunday across the pond. And thank you for visiting my blog.