Thursday, 25 March 2010

Charming? I am not sure!

I have been making charms today - some of them I am not sure about. 
I don't like sending anything out that I would not be happy to receive myself - so please help me to decide which ones are sent and which ones should not.  I have enough time to make some more and these were my first attempt.

These are close ups and much bigger than the charms themselves as the charms are less than an inch square

2 and 3
These are highly magnified!
Stamped into and painted 

These have been made out of Friendly Plastic and painted

Melted and poked about a bit
They look very shiny in real life
Like black polished pebbles

With the exception of the leaves the backs are all this pattern
Sorry about the glare reflection - its shiny and difficult to capture.

Roll, squashed, poked about and painted

Same method but no two are the same

I am not too keen on this one - so I think it will be rejected
I did the veining with a pokey tool and it looks a bit thick

The charms are going on a silver bracelet

As before, squashed and poked

Extra painting

Unlucky for some - this is headed for the bin I think

I copied a dried seed pod- think it didn't translate too well
Maybe I need to paint the pod in the middle - pod colour!

I enjoyed making this one - but now that it is enlarged a great deal - it looks like a beheaded beetle's belly with a six pack!

That's it for now folks.

Please leave a comment on the ones that are rejects.  I really do truly want to know - and I have plenty of time to make some more.

Thank you


crafty creations said...

I think they are all beauitul Lottie and would be delighted to receive any one of them xx Hilda

Aisling said...

None of them should be rejected! Please spare the lives of 9 and 13!

flutterbycrafter said...

I agree with Hilda, they are all beautiful, the colours are stunning and I would be happy to receive any of them, lovely.

sam21ski said...

None should be rejected. They are all unique in their own right, and handmade by a caring crafter xxxx

Sandie's Patch said...

Be humble girl, they are ALL fantastic! If only I could produce something like them! I particularly like the leaves but, then I love nature and they look (the green ones esp.)very much like silver birch leaves.
You made me laugh with the comment about the last one! Ye, I agree it would look more natural painted like peas or beans in the middle, I do like the colours though!
Happy creating!
Sandie xx

Melinda Cornish said...

I like them all and I have gotten a lot of are being too hard on yourself....

cockney blonde said...

Love them all Lottie. They are all unique in their own way. They should all be used, just think 'landfill', lol, x

Createology said...

Miss Lottie please put your inner critic on silence mode. These charms are each wonderful and none of them should be discarded. I love them all as each is unique. Happy creating...

June said...

These are all fabulous and very arty and this is the attraction to this minute charms, beautiful work my friend, dont reject any of them they are lovely and i like number 13 as much as any
hugs June xxx

Hels Sheridan said...

Fab charms...only tried Friendly Plastic once...and it wasnt very friendly to me so I binned it LOL x

Pearl said...

I love them all not a bad one in the bunch! Nice work Lottie!

LazyKay said...

OH NO NEVER put friendly plastic in the bin - it van be remelted.

I'd be happy to receive any of these but of course the green hued ones are my faviourites because, well, they're green.

So beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Lottie they are all gorgeous. Are they UTEE or Friendly Plastic? I love nos.1,2&3.

Anonymous said...

These are all fabulous Lottie! Hope your eyes are better soon xx