Sunday, 4 October 2009

Why do things go wrong all at once!

You get spells when 'things' go wrong all at once don't you - but I really have had enough of them now!

My little old laptop packed up - it had been slow for a long long time and finally expired. Well not such a tragedy, I can live without it.

My printer died - I can't manage without that - it was silly really - just a tiny bit of paper stuck in it - and that's it - total malfunction "Error - look in your manual for your nearest service engineer". It really meant it this time - so I had no alternative than to buy another printer. Just a little cheap one; it would have cost more than that to get someone in to look at it!

Installed it - it wouldn't print. It sounded like it was printing - it pretended it was printing - but the pages were all blank.

A trip back to the little shop - they ran a check - and it printed - so they said it must have been a glitch with the installation CD.

Back home - uninstalled the software - re-installed it - and it worked - yippee!

Then the steamer died. We use our steamer most days, but it had just had enough - stopped working - and wet all over the worktop. Did it have to do a wet as it was on it's way out?

Cooking with just two saucepans was quite a novelty for just a day (Hence the slow pot being used as well) We have a new steamer now - more of that tomorrow!

My internet is still very 'flakey' but we are working on it - I am going to order a more up to date network card - just waiting for my son to send me a link for the right one.

But another disaster happened overnight.

I am famous for being 'The Allotment Lady' or just plain 'Allotment Lady' and had my own website which I have had for a few of years - and had had almost 300,000 visitors in that time.

Webmania - the company which hosted my website had a problem - and lost my site - the whole lot - gone - not just mine - but lots - so the email said.

Hundreds of posts, photos, recipes, information, stories, the lot - gone - forever.

I would just like this run of things going wrong to stop now please.

Enough is enough - it's not funny any more!

I can't face starting another Allotment Lady blog - its like losing a part of me - a very big part of me - hey ho - tomorrow is another day.

Night night


Kitschen Pink said...

Oh Lottie!! What a piece of luck that I visited Allotment lady last night and put this site on watch so I could keep an eye on your goings on! How utterly horrid that they lost your treasure trove of a site. Oh poo them! What are they doing about it? How can they just lose them? Are they looking for them? It was glitchy when I looked - I got the holding page of webmania then the site so maybe there's some hope?!
Hope the week continues better than it started!

sam21ski said...

Sorry to hear your mis-foruntes Lottie, but at least you've got thema ll out the way in one go - here's hoping for a better start to today for you xxxxx

Jo Capper-Sandon said...


awwwww nooooooooooooooooooo


*beeping beeping beep*

oh Lottie, what an awful thing to discover.

Christine B. said...

Sorry to here of all your problems. Lets hope things improve now. Your meal looked really inviting. xxxxx

Lynne K said...

Very sorry to hear of all your troubles, Lottie. Broken gadgets can be replaced, of course, but not your blog. How awful for you. Let's hope that they manage to salvage something of it, if not all.

Sally H said...

I'm sending you a huge e-hug, cos I can't think of anything else I can do. You have had so much more than your fair share. Hopefully you won't get anything else for years now. Keeping everything crossed for you x

Molly said...

So glad I re-discovered this site. I can't believe Allotment Lady is gone! I've been reading that blog since you got your very first chickens. (Don't want to think how many years ago that was)

Lottie said...

Thank you Molly - it also means that I have lost all my links to the other blogs I followed on there. Don't know how I will find my way back go them

LazyKay said...

Oh dear! NOT a good time for you.