Saturday 10 October 2009

Vintage Tote - with vintage crochet.

As per usual the photos do not do this justice. The crochet lace is a rich cream - like a weak coffee coloured and hand crocheted by someone with love years and years ago.

I found it in an Antique shop in the village which was closing down when we first moved here. It was a little table doily. I only bought it because on close examination, I thought of all the hours a genteel lady would have spent crocheting each individual circle and then attaching them. No two are exactly the same - which I love and gives it a quirky and individual slant

The material is gorgeous - came from the same shop. It is really thick upholstery material and very old - but it was in a clean bag and smelt of lavender at the time - so I bought it - and they have sat in a drawer for the past ten years - until I got the sewing 'bug' and have spent two days making this.

It is perfectly symmetrical and flat - it's just that when I hung it up to take a photo it opened slightly.

I wish you could see the rich creaminess of the crochet - maybe I will try to take a photo of it on a different background. The craftsmanship of it is exquisite.

One side has four pieces - and the other three, I seem to have a 'thing' about odd numbers! There are four on the handles - stitched front and back so that they envelope the strap

My fingers are so sore from sewing on each piece - and it has taken me hours and hours to do so. I think I will have to rest them for a few days - and do some inky craft work.

The richness of the material is amazing - you can bury your face in it - it feels just wonderful and velvety.

I will have trouble parting with this - if I do it will go to a very special person!


Shairon said...

Oh Lottie, your bags just get better and better though I love them all! You certainly have an "eye" for material. xx

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

You should keep this forever Lottie and treasure it. This looks so rich and plush. You sound like you have really got into sewing much more than you did stamping.

Sally H said...

Lovely! I have some of my Grandmother's crochet lace round a table doily. I have put it away, not knowing what to do with it. Perhaps I should start looking a bit more creatively!

Anonymous said...

very rich and plush looking....loving these bags xx

Momiji said...

I love the richness of this one and the crochet looks lovely set off on that background.

Pearl said...

What a great story and a really beautiful bag. I love how you put it all together. Peace

Carol Ann said...

This bag is absolutely scrumptious Lottie I absolutely love the colours xx

Very Mary said...

Nice work on this one! Love that brilliant color!

June said...

How beautiful this one is Lottie, fabulous and very chic
hugs June xxx

Sandies' Patch said...

What happened then? I was writng a comment and it disappeared!

Just to say sorry about the loss of AL blog.All that hard work lost. I have AL on my bookmarks and it shows some of your posts from 2006, I wonder if there is any way I can get them to you? I'll ask my friend, he may know.

So you got the sewing bug hey?
Well done on the totes they are lovely. I see what you mean about the crochet, it's having a second life through your hands.
The red fabric is scrumptious and shows off the crochet well.

I'm feeling creative again, just don't always have the time to create when I have the urge, things like work have a knack of getting in the way LOL!

LazyKay said...

Gorgeous and that crochet is beautiful - you've really done it justice by displaying it on here.