Thursday, 8 October 2009

Anyone for Quail

I am making the most of my internet connection while it is working - its so flaky at the moment - if I don't post it is because I can't get a connection.

We are getting to the end of our 'meat' year so eating up all the odds and ends in the freezer before re-stocking over the winter.

I used to keep quail - but last year I sold off my breeding flock at the end of the season - and decided it was best not to start again this year. I do miss them though.

When you breed quail - you get more males than females unfortunately - so they have to be dispatched - which I had to take responsibility for.

Here are the last four in the freezer - having had a lovely pampered life - and a glorious summer.

I popped them in the steamer tray - a couple are wrapped in bacon. They are nestled in tomatoes, onions, shallots, and little yellow courgettes.

In went the butternut squash and the other veggies - and on they all went to cook.

When it was all cooked, I left the veggies in the steamer to keep warm and just browned off the quail - I like the 'roasted' look, and thickend the juices they were cooked in.

The butternut squash I mashed on my plate with a fork - it was all delish!

I love bright colours on my plate - and the fact that everything keeps its colour and nutrients is a bonus.

We have also had this week, fresh tuna steaks - which I love nibbling chunks raw as I am cooking them - they only take 2 minutes to cook - its amazing how many people over cook them. I made a risotto to go with them.

Today I whizzed out into a nearby town to have my hair cut - and browsed a few charity shops - more of that another day too - I am getting a backlog of posts!

I have to confess that we had junk food today - I had a craving - fish and chips, from a very nice shop and cooked to perfection. I haven't had any since we went to Cromer on the coast on Father's Day - it was such a treat - and nice to have a day off from cooking.


Sally H said...

It looks delicious! I bought a book of recipes last year called 12 months of monastery soups. Today we have eaten a very hearty St Anthony soup made from carrots, leeks, mushrooms, herbs and pearl barley,with some lovely crusty bread (from the Bread machine.I'm feeling very full now!

themessycraftroom said...

Gosh Girl your doing it again making me hungry, looks great.

Your also whizzing your bags out. Looks lovely. Are you making them for presents or just yourself? It's Fab.

Anonymous said...

extremely hearty and tasty...I can even taste it myself...yum.
And Im pleased youve had a little treat...always good for the heart and soul and the old tum!

Anonymous said...

Mouthwatering my friend, looks beautiful
hugs June xxx

LazyKay said...

Oh that looks Yummy!


Lorraine said...

yum yum this is looks absolutely delicious..I have never tried quail but it must be good knowing where they have come from nice and fresh

Melinda Cornish said...