Friday, 2 October 2009

Heavenly Gift from an Angell

I could smell this before I could see it - it was the smell of flowers on a warm summer evening - at dusk when the perfume is strongest.

From out of the envelope I pulled out pansies - I just love pansies - and this paper I am going to keep too - and I think I will carefully iron it and see if I can scan it - then I can use it and keep the original.

The package measures 6"x9" and look what an Alladin's 'cave' of treasure it held.

I have spread it out on the piece of net curtain I got a couple of weeks ago from the lady in the village - and the Autumn sunshine is streaming through my studio window - and it is glowing!

Here are some close ups - as usual click on photos to enlarge

Samples of silks and satins, lace, threads, pictures,ribbons all colour co-ordinated.

Take a closer look! The pictures of the little girl with the butterfly - printed on material - happens to be my favourite image. I don't have that image - but I loved it as soon as I saw it on a card that my friend Paula had on her blog. There are more little images, hand dyed ribbons, and look at that little bag crammed with seed beads, little leaves, flowers, and other glittering delights - I can't wait to examine them all one by one. But now I am so excited I just have to show you more.

Look at the lusciously rich brocade - looks like it is a piece from one of Queen Elizabeth I gowns - what a treasure. It positive gleams and glows in the sunlight.

Look at that little piece of hand painted trim - isn't it just amazing - and the painted portrait to the left of it - where did that come from - what a treasure!

This is a much covetted original work of art - one of 'her' very famous nest pendants - wow! The time and work that has gone into creating it!

My wondrous parcel has now been added to my stash drawer and I can't wait to get started. But first I am going to buy this book - it is a 'must have' for me! I was going to wait until Christmas but I need it NOW! Then I can start to make some of these well perhaps not some - but a crazy quilt little work of art(but obviously not as well as) this lady who is very famous - and just happened to have sent me such a wonderful gift to get me started.

It is going to be wonderful hobby for me to be able to do indoors in the winter, when the weather is bad, and it is too cold and wet and dark to be in my 'studio' (shed at the end of the garden.)

Thank you so very much Pat - I am going to get started as soon as I can - but first I need to buy a needle threader LOL my one broke and I am hopeless at threading needles.

It is pitch black outside - so best I go up the garden path and back indoors - and its not even 7pm yet!

P.S. you should Google Pat Winters - and see all the fantastic work she has done - visit her blog to see her very own Angell


Anonymous said...

OH WOW....Im not envious...really am not lol well, not much!

themessycraftroom said...

Wow I'm really envious what gorgous, gorgous stash.Your right the pictures on the fabric are fabulous. Can't wait to see what you make now.

Lynne K said...

What an amazing collection. Can't wait to see what you make with such gorgeous things.

sam21ski said...

Lovely stash Lottie, can't wait to see what you do with it. Hope you can manage to scan your pansies xxxx

Melinda Cornish said...

wow! what a wonderful package!

Pat Winter said...

Lottie, First of all , you flatter me, and thanks so much for the kind words.
When I first read a comment you left on my blog weeks ago, I immediately thought,"What a lovely woman", now after exchanged emails and more comments and visits to each others blogs, I knew my instincts were correct once again. You are a ray of sunshine and I close my eyes and imagine stitching at the end of your garden in your studio having tea and exchanging garden tips and stitching dreams. Enjoy your stash builder, it was gathered just for you, a lovely lady and new friend.
Hugs and smiles,

alcoholinky said...

coo Lottie, you've introduced me to someone I haven't come across before. I can see why you're so enthusiastic. off to have a look at her work! what a fab stash you have there.

LazyKay said...

Oh I would just want to sit amongst this and feel and touch it - not sure I'd ever get round to DOING anything with it tho'!