Saturday, 12 September 2009

Who is a very lucky lady ? I am starting a 'stash'!

I put an advertisement in the village post office and sweet shop a couple of days ago - and didn't really expect a reply - but I DID last night. From a very kind lady who is moving and has been getting rid of things - wish I had known sooner - I could have bought a box full of ribbons and trimmings.

But I am utterly thrilled to bits with which I do have........

This wonderful lace is about 12 inches deep!

Two of these - which I think may be 'chair backs' that someone has made to protect the chair where your head reats. I can't stop looking at the wonderful embroidery.

Look at these wonderful material samples. I spent a happy time peeling off the labels at the back. Mainly Laura Ashley.

I also got two gorgeous 'shiny' half a yard/metre of fabrics.

This is the reverse side of the shiny creamy colour piece

And this is the reverse of the orange piece

And this sample I think I shall be afraid to use!

It is thick and like satin and embroidered. about 12 inches square - but looks like it might have been for a wedding dress bodice or something like that!


Pat Winter said...

All wonderful pieces! You are building your stash very nicely. You forgot to email me your address. :-)

Sally H said...

Oh wow! What a find! Some gorgeous colours too!

Anonymous said...

oh wow how clever to put an ad out and then get this stack of beauties!