Friday, 11 September 2009

Finished bag - my very first one!

Well I have finally finished my very first bag - without a pattern or any instructions - and I feel very pleased with it.

My eyesight isn't too good, even with contact lenses and reading glasses, and despite having a little needle threader thing - I felt that I needed a threader to get the threader into the needle LOL!

Another lesson learnt the hard way thimbles - are not just a novelty from the Victorian times - my poor fingers are pin pricked - I am going to use a thimble!

I am particularly proud of this part. It probably doesn't look anything special or exciting - but it is as far as I am concerned as I managed to fit a magnetic metal catch - which was quite a feat in itself - and not a trace of the fixings show through the fine material!

The inside of the bag before I stitched it up. I managed to put the sewing machine needle through my thumb next to my nail! I had a bit of a job trying to raise it to get it out! It makes me feel ill just thinking about it now!

Isn't she lovely! Well I think so. The colour variants in the photos are due to my taking some photos under a light as it was getting dull - so those photos look a bet redder, rather than the purple.

I cut and coloured some lace, and sewed two pieces, to suggest a 'butterfly'. I don't trust myself yet to try and embroider a body.

It took me hours to sew on the threads on the right hand side of the lady. The tiny beads are made of glass, and they catch the light wonderfully, and turn different shades of purple, pink, green and amber.

I sewed more beads in her hair, and had to sew a new necklace for her, as the other one broke - I used thin elastic for that - so it's a good lesson to learn.

An option for a finish - a golden clip

Another option for a finishing touch - or maybe I will add the 'flower' I made - but I thought it looked a bit heavy. You can see the flower in the post below.


Claireabelle said...

Lottie it's fabulous!! Sorry hear it was such a painful make though, my stomach's churning just thinging about your sewing machine injury!

I like the addition of the flower too, but it is gorgeous with or without

LazyKay said...

That's beautiful and you are justifiably pleased with it.

I agree about the change of flower, altho' I liked the other one this piecks out some of the colour on that bottom border.


June said...

Oh my goodness this is so beautiful. I would adore to own something this beautiful. You talented talented lady ... Have a super weekend my friend
hugs June xxx

Sally H said...

Really gorgeous! Love it!

Momiji said...

this is really beautiful have such patience!
would love to see it for 'real'
love all the stitched beadwork..

alcoholinky said...

beautiful Lottie, what a lot of work you put into it and what a gorgeous result. hearing about the sewing needle made my stomach turn over!

Pat Winter said...

Lottie, it is quite a lovely bag. Love the detailing, and yes it is a bit difficult adding those magnetic clasps. They aren't easy for me that's for sure.
Expect a lot of people stopping you and asking where they can purchase one!
Well done.

sam21ski said...

WOW Lottie this is stunning, no wonder you are pleased with it - well done xxxx

Saucy Chick Sherry said...

This bag is so beautiful and professional looking it is hard to imagine it is your first attempt. Ouch to the needle through your thumb...remember to only do this one time! :o) You should feel very proud of a great job you have done. I look forward to seeing more items in the future.

Jennie said...

Absolutely fabulous!

Anonymous said...

oh my giddy never do anything by halves..hope you and the thumb are ok!
The bag is a stunner...LOVE IT!!

Lynne K said...

Absolutely beautiful. Lovely to see it finished. Well done!