Thursday, 24 September 2009

Latest Bag

As usual click to enlarge to see the detail

The image from Just Lilla I printed onto fabric and then went to town on her!

I made her dress which took hours - sewed on beads. Her necklace is tiny seed beads and as she is dancing a jig - it is bouncing about around her neck.

It has taken me a whole day so far! I really must buy a proper pattern! The bag took me hours - honestly - I just couldn't work out how I could achieve a bag without any seams visible inside! Lilla has one on her blog, but I just couldn't work out how to do it - I think you must need thin material and lots of it!

Here is how I made it - perhaps someone reading this might enlighten me!

I cut one long strip out of the thick fabric for the bag. One the same size for the cream lining material, and one piece of padding the same size!

I then made a 'sandwich' face down on the bench - padding cream bag material on top right side facing up, then the lining material.

Sewed them up on three sides, leaving one short side so that I could turn it inside out - which I did and pressed it.

I then folded it into three so that I had the body of the bag, and the front panel 'flap'.

What I would like to do is to have all the seams hidden but this way you get tiny seams inside the bag - which doesn't really matter - as they are neat baving been already sewn on the other side.

The material is very thick cream with an embossed pattern in it - almost like tapestry. I got it from a charity shop yesterday - £2.50 for a metre - I should have enough for another bag - maybe two!

When I go into town to college next week - I need to buy some cream cord for the shoulder straps.

I know I am on a BIG learning curve - but I am really enjoying the process - its rather relaxing sewing on beads and bits of material - you have to really concentrate!


Pat Winter said...

Lottie it is beautiful! Your package is in the mail, so heads up!

Paula said...

WOW...Truly stunning - Im so impressed with this new work missus.I think you might have found your niche.Still picking my jaw up off the floor...really, its that good!

Momiji said...

what a clever needle woman you are! this is really beautiful and you have made her look like she is dancing with way you attached her skirt and necklace..

Sally H said...

Absolutely stunning! I can almost hear the music she is dancing so gracefully to! You have really blown me away with this one. Well done!

Lynne K said...

Wow! This is just beautiful! It makes me think of bygone days, when its likely contents would have been a silk handkerchief and some of those little face powder papers which a lady would have used to powder her nose. Very elegant.

Carol Ann said...

Lottie what a LOT OF work you have put into the figure she is beautiful. your bag is a real work of art.

Bree said...

wow, im blown away. Its gorgeous

Dezinaworld said...

Ohhh my goodness what an absolutely exquisite make !! Gorgeous and clever and beautiful .. i could go on and on. You have such awesome talent my friend.
Hope all is good with you and sorry to take so long to get round to blogging again
Hugs June xxx

alcoholinky said...

wow Lotti, looks like you're learning at the speed of lightening. what a beautiful item. looks like you had a lot of fun and pleasure making that

Christine B. said...

Beautiful work Lottie, your lady and bag look absolutely gorgous.

LazyKay said...

She's beautiful and you've found the perfect canvas for her.

Nice colours of the bag material, they really go well with your lady.


Jackie said...

WOW this is gorgeous your lady looks fantastic, very fine detail and so light and floaty looking - beautiful!

Melinda Cornish said...

oh, this is gorgeous!!!so feminine and delicate...good for you!

Shairon said...

Saw this on your blog yesterday Lottie and thought I had left a comment. Obviously not! Or maybe because words failed me? It is just so fabulously gorgeous, I am blown away by this piece!

Pearl said...

Hi Lottie, I just love your bags they are very unique, don't be so hard on yourself they are very nice! You made a comment on my blog about the fan pulls I found in my closet. I'd like to talk to you about them. My e-mail is Thank you and have a great day. Pearl