Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Flower Power

There were lots of inspiring things to make in this months' Craft Stamper magazine. One of the articles which caught my eye - was by Jo Capper Sandon

She turned a small metal pail into an unusual and summery 'photo frame' with a gorgeous photo of one of her sons blowing bubbles.

I am not sure about copyright 'rules' otherwise I would have scanned the article and put it in this post.

Anyway - I sent off for the rubber stamp plate of flowers that she used to have a go myself.

But then I couldn't find a pail so gave up.

Then today, when I spent a little time in my studio and was stuck for ideas, I had another look at the article - and realised, that these are for inspiration - and not meant to be copied religiously.

So I looked again at the plate of flower heads - and had previously been daunted at the prospect of cutting them all out individually. After re-reading the article, I realised that I didn't 'have' to.

I got out some 'free' paper I received with a purchase - which I couldn't use for anything and started stamping!

I stamped the whole plate in one go - and voila - from 'rubbish paper' pretty coloured flowers started to emerge.

Here are some samples of what I have been doing. I can now cut the petals, give them some shape, add ink, or gems, in fact they can be coloured and tinted for whatever project I do.

I am not too sure about the 'loud' striped ones - of which I have only cut out a few - but the shades of blue I like. The cream ones have lots of potential (the paper had thin brown random flowers on it all over - really not 'me' as they were - well I didn't like the paper - enough said.) Stamped with flower heads the brown flower pattern disappears completely!

I was looking on some blogs at some gorgeous cards people had made. One lady had made a fantastic card and added flowers as a corner and side border - I counted them - there were over 30 prima type flowers, roses, all sorts. It did look stunning, but the cost of the flowers would have been out of my budget.

I know you can't compare these with purchased flowers - but I intend to stamp them on all different coloured papers, tint them, and mix and match and layer etc.

So whilst I didn't get to make the photo pail - I have been inspired by Jo to think 'laterally' and used just one of her ideas.

It was actually relaxing and fun just stamping and cutting out, whilst looking out of the window at my garden, watching my chickens playing in the rain!

It has also made me look quite differently at scraps and oddments of paper that would otherwise have been headed for the recycle bin!


Anonymous said...

great idea and I cant wait to see what youll make using these little beauties!

Lynne K said...

Brilliant idea for the flowers, Lottie.

Momiji said...

these flowers are so pretty and could be used in so many ways.

Meda said...

This idea is wonderful! Saving and using scraps is one of my favorite crafting things and I do adore your glowers, even those with stripes. Do you want an idea? Make them for sale or swap with other crafters. Use up your entire scrap stash. This idea actually came to me when I saw your flowers in the Crafty individuals bag. Why not make your own brand? Please let me know if you do. I would LOVE to hear from you.

LazyKay said...

They look lovely and have the advantage of being individual.

Have you tried it with vellum? I borrowed a friend's flower punch and punched, inked, shaped some vellum flowers - they look good!


Melanie said...

Great stamp plate Lottie,i've just ordered it myself i spend a small fortune on prima flowers so this is going to save me money!

joanne wardle said...

in many ways they are better rhan purchsed flowers! I think they are fab

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Isn't it theraputic sitting cutting out the flowers. I just sat infront of the tv one afternoon happily snipping away.
Wonderful results you've got Lottie. I'm so pleased you develop the ideas to suit. You have some beauties to use here.