Monday, 8 June 2009

My 'other life'

Not had time to do any crafting for a couple of days - but I have been working my socks off making some other creations which you can see here

I will be back to crafting later in the week though - if it is sunny and I am unable to work outdoors.

And definitely at the weekend - my days of rest!


Momiji said...

I thought I had worked hard in the garden today til I saw what you had done! I simply mowed the lawns and did a bit of weeding!
you do an amazing amount of really hard graft. brilliant! well impressed..

Anonymous said...

My goodness youve been busy at the old allotment! My sweetcorn havent grown as well as last year,nor have my courgettes have no idea why though :o(

Sally H said...

Wow! You did work hard! The weather has been much better here today

lisa said...

Now that's what I call dedictaed Lottie. No wonder you haven't had time for crafting. Hope the weather stays fine for you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks one and all!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Lottie! Wow, I understand what's been keeping you so busy! Gardening is a full-time job! Wishing you more creative time soon!

Thanks so much for coming to visit! I really appreciate your sweet comment! Have a lovely week!

Lisa :)