Tuesday 9 June 2009

A book for Loic - A labour of Love

I have spent all day making this book for a young couple (friends of my son) who have had their first baby.

I made them a wedding cake when they got married - they live in Luxembourg now - so I thought I would make them a little book.

It has been a labour of love - though not so long as Christine's giving birth to him!

I have just come in from my garden studio - and should really have waited until daylight to take photos - but as I am out first thing for the morning - I was too impatient to wait!

The colours look so much better in natural light.

As usual, click photos to enlarge

It was a hot sunny day here on the day Loic was born - so this reflects that rather than a pale baby blue little book. The front cover - the photo is under an acetate page, with dainty swirls and glittery gems - the beauty of which doesn't show up in the photo - but it creates a lovely frame, leaving the middle clear, and keeping the photo clean.

Literally just born

"This Magical Moment" -the facing page. A beautiful photo taken a few minutes later.

Over the page - he is having a nap

Another precious picture of his dad Thierry - savouring the moment

Oh La La - his first feed - how contented they look

I helped myself to this photo - just up on their blog today - Dad's just brought baby home.

The back cover - the little fluffy animal - was in his cot just after he was born so I managed to just get his head.

I will write or type up a message for this page.

I finished it off with hot orange and baby blue ribbons

Think I'll have a rest now!

I cut all the pages from mountboard - 7 inches x 5.5 inches.
I covered all the pages with plain and patterned paper and card.
K&Co everything else - Acetate frames, paper, rubs ons etc


Sally H said...

A true work of art, and I am sure it will be received with much gratitiude by very proud parents. Stunning! x

Ewonne said...

What a pretty album ♥♥♥

June said...

Oh this is so beautiful my friend. So much love and care has gone into it and it shows. A true art treasure, a true family treasure. Well worth all that labour ... for you all :)
Hugs June xxx

Unknown said...

What a beautiful and special gift! As always your tallent amazes me and I know this is a gift the family with cherrish forever!

Anonymous said...

aawww they will treasure this forever - its a beautiful and thoughtful gift Lottie.

Momiji said...

just love it! a beautiful gift that will be so special to keep .

Moira said...

It's really lovely Lottie

lisa said...

This is just wonderful Lottie. What a perfect gift which can be treasured always. Those photos are fabulous.


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

A life long keepsake. What a treasure. Beautiful work Lottie.

xx Jo

Unknown said...

You are very welcome

Christine Probst said...

Thank you so much for this album. It really is the most thoughtful and beautiful gift we have received. I cried when I opened it. I know it was partially the over abundance of hormones coursing through my body. But the tears also came because of this amazing work of art with so much thought and creativity. I love the sunny, warm colors, which match his room We will treasure it forever. We still have the beautiful box you made for the wedding cake as well. Another work of art. Thank you again!