Saturday, 23 May 2009

C'est si bon?

I am trying now to do layers and textures - and this card was inspired by the one here

Yes I know this one doesn't look in the least bit like it - but I used Jo's as an example. Of course I can't emulate hers - but at least it is a start.

I think I am struggling because my cards are too small - so I don't have much room on them to put things.

So - I will be on the internet ordering card blanks.

What is your favourite size - 5" x 5" or bigger - square or oblong. The one I made above is 4"x4" which is 10cm x 10cm.


Paula said...

oh la la! C'est tres bon....Lovely,pretty and very feminine - like it!
I use 144mmx144mm card blanks from Craft Creations - Ive found it hard to use anything else as I personally find this size perfect.

Lottie said...

Thanks Paula - Off to buy some

Cath Wilson said...

Lottie, it's gorgeous and you have a style all of your own - you don't need to copy anyone else's!!

I cut cards as I need them - much easier that way as I'm totally unpredictable :)

sam21ski said...

Fantastic card Lottie. Can't believe that you got all that on a 4 x 4 - nice one xxxx

alcoholinky said...

gorgeous colour card. you made it all your own style. it looks bigger than a 4 x 4. i never know what size my creations are going to be until they're finished - sorry no help at all! LOL

Moira said...

It's lovely Lottie. I like A5 or square.

June said...

Oh how gorgeous she is. You know i cant resist your work its always so enchanting and elegant
Have a lovely weekend my friend
Hugs June xxxx

Momiji said...

very pretty delicate and it!

LazyKay said...

This is beautiful - lovely balance.

Re card blanks, I prefer a larger card as I don't work well on a small canvas.

If you have a branch of THE WORKS near you, pop in - you can get 50 cards,plus envelopes for £5.99 - good quality card, not white white but as they are usually covered up anyway, it doesn't matter. They have different shapes/sizes. If no WORKS nearby, try the other cheapo shops.