Thursday, 26 March 2009

Under the Sea Adventure Pages

Here are two 5" x 5" pages for someone's Deco book entitled Under the sea adventure.

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I painted the pages different shades of blue and green, and used a clear sea green gel to paint over it again - and the fish and shells - to give it a wet look.

It has textured 'bubbles' in the sea green gel too, and the paint is textured.

I was stumped a bit by this title as I didn't really have much in the way of stamps I could use - but I did have my 'mermaid' goddess stamp so used her and gave her more hair etc.

She is wearing pearls - these I made from pearl stickles, and look like pearls stuck on - so too amongst the sea shells - there are pearls here and there.

I guess when you do these things, all you can do is to try your best, and just hope that it is acceptable.

I am looking forward to getting my first pages.


alcoholinky said...

one of my fave stamps - love what you've made with it.

Anonymous said...

its more than acceptable missus...I think its fab - love how her hair is trailing,the I love it all!

June said...

What gorgeous results Lottie, this is beautiful and the pearls are so pretty as a finishing touch
Hugs June x

Flippinpest said...

Please visit my blog..someone special has left me something and I want to share :-)

Polly said...

Awesome! I love your work. I have to come back here to get ideas on the box I plan to alter.

LazyKay said...

Very atmospheric! Love it.


cmoh said...

Fabulous! I wish I could see this one in person it is one thing to imagine all the "wet" and "baubles" it is another to see them. I just know that this page will be cherrished by the owner...fabulous addition!