Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Green's the theme!

This afternoon, I just wanted to have a play and unwind, but didn't know what to do - and these are the result.

I was quite surprised how well Lime Green and Black go together.

I coloured a cardboard swirl lime and black too and used clear embossing powder for texture.

I punched a hole in the sunshine yellow prima flower and dyed it with lime ink, dried it with a heat gun, and then stamped over it. I was rather pleased with that!

The back of the tag I did 'grungey'- at the bottom there is organza ribbon.
The tag is quite big and on thick mountboard. It is about 5 inches by over 3 inches.

This is the front. The tag and wallet look so much better in 'real life' and much brighter lime green.

I stamped the face onto matching paper, cut it out, and then tucked her neck under the organza ribbon and her hair on top of it - before gluing them in place. It looks rather nice 'in the hand' as the ribbon is translucent and with a sheen - not a hard black line as the photo suggests.

I stamped the butterfly onto a paper and embossed the body and feelers, cut it out, and left it 'floaty' on top. It's feelers actually quiver when you pick it up!


Flippinpest said...

The colours DO work really well together. Nice work!

Paula said...

it more than works lottie - you certainly had a good time in the studio today - these pieces blow me away and I love how far youve come in such a short time....think Im going to have to get lessons from you!

Angelnorth said...

These are lovely! Love the detail of the lady's hair lying over the ribbon and the floaty butterfly wings and feelers - great work!

LazyKay said...

Oooh, green, my favourite colour and what a lovely piece!


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Lime is a fantastic colour. These look wonderful- lots going on, all working incredibly well with each other. Fabulous pieces.

Sid said...

Super tag and sleeve, gorgeous colours and your composition adds to the overall effect......super work!