Monday 16 March 2009

ATC Sunshine

Whilst sorting out my stamps for storage, I discovered a Paper Artsy plate that I bought second hand last year.

As we had just got back from a walk in the sunshine on the coast, I thought I would have a go using it.

I cut an ATC out of mountboard and applied and blended shades of yellow red and orange inks, to create 'heat'.

I stamped on the Sun image plate, then painted the 'petals' with Ecoline gold ink.

Once dry I used a Krylon 18kt gold pen on top give extra emphasis on the 'leaves' around the eye. To not only suggest the gold of the sunshine, but also of 'eyelashes'.

I finished it off by outlining the ATC with Krylon gold pen. It looks rather vibrant in the sunlight and really gleams and glitters with the golds.

Click on photo to enlarge.


June said...

Lottie its gorgeous. I just love this one so much as the colours do exactly what you set out to do with a beautiful shade of warmth and gold
Gorgeous work on the stamped image creating a wonderful piece of artwork
Hugs june xxx

Flippinpest said...

These colours always workso well together. the piece looks vibrant and I like the way you have highlighted it with the gold :-)

Anonymous said...

the colour is vibrant and warm...reminds me of summer.Great ATC.

Momiji said...

loving all these last atcs you have made and I think the mountboard works great for them..

Unknown said...

This is one of the most fabulous and stunning and simple ATC's I've ever seen. I heart it! The gold touches are fabulous, I can feel the heat coming off of them and they really make the eye stand out.

you did a fantastic job blending your warm colors together! How tallented you are!

Anonymous said...

Stunning, the image/colour combo are perfect.


Fiona said...

gorgeous piece - such rich stunning colours