Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Well what do you think of these?

I go to classes in a little on Wednesday mornings (not arty crafty), and today I had a walk into the centre and passed a charity shop and saw these.

Actually I only saw one - and the price - so I asked the window dresser to get it out for me.

It is made of paper mache.

I didn't have my reading glasses on - so just saw an orange and cream blur - and I thought I could use that to put some arty jewellery on.

It was then that I found out there were four of them -two of each style. The window dresser looked quite surprised that anyone would be interested and asked what on earth I would do with it. So I told her that I did altered art and would alter it.

She rolled her eyes - and got another one out for me to look at.

Then the one below

I chose the more curvaceous models

And paid the princely sum of £1.50 each!

It was only when I got home and had chance to have a closer look with my glasses on that I realised they are covered in what looks like genuine 1950's USA paper.

They are not the least bit dusty or dirty - and have a slight smell of perfume.

I don't think I could bear to paint them all over with Gesso or emulsion paint and alter them.

What do you think - Would you?

* Well after I had blogged this, and looked at them again 'in the flesh' I decided that I would phone up the shop, buy the other two, so that I had two to alter and two to keep. Foiled - the other two had been sold. I could kick myself!*

They are so gorgeous and have a wooden looking patina to them, and I just could not bear to paint them - I love them just as they are. So I might protect them with varnish, and use them as display - and I can always throw a bit of material over them if they clash with whatever I am going to display


Paula said...

oh I like these Lottie - I dont know if I could paint over them either...difficult one!

Momiji said...

wow! what a find! I like them just as they are, don't you?

Ginger said...

I think I would leave them too and use them as jewellry stands...and if you only got 2 of them Lottie, pop back and get the other 2 for me tomorrow LOL. They are amazing, what a find and what a price.

Moira said...

I think you should get all 4 and give them to me, NO? OK well get all 4, leave 1 pristine but hang jewellery from it and then alter the other 3.

Hazel said...

What an amazing find!

Debbie said...

This is a very cool find - I like them just as they are - shame about the other two x

Flippinpest said... makes you wonder who would part with them. Lucky find :-)

LazyKay said...

blimey! I bet you have a big smile on your face!


Angelnorth said...

Great find, these are fab! I'd keep them just as they are, too!

Zuzu's Blog said...

Awesome find Lottie..

I would be very comfy altering all 4 as they are (in my oppinion) not very exciting as they are..

but great shapes for working on.. I am evnvious that i never find such things lol

Jaqi said...

Wow, what a find, well done they are fab, Jaqi