Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Tins and boxes

Before half term I had mentioned to some ladies in my class that I was searching out little tins and boxes to alter.

Today, bless them, one lady had brought in a big carrier bag of cardboard boxes. Tea packet boxes of different shapes and sizes, a chocolate box, and a nice little sturdy square box - the latter I have plans to alter.

Another lady brought in a biscuit tin - which sadly is too big to alter - but I have put it to good use and it now has mixed corn inside for my bantams.

And this is the other tin

Isn't it lovely - and it is decorated like this all around the edges. It looks like a very old Cadbury's biscuit tin - a smallish one - but is right up to date isn't it - given that embossed metal is all the rage now - and this is really embossed.
So I won't be altering it - but I will be drawing inspiration from it -and I will be treasuring, and using it. That is for sure


Shairon said...

Being Scottish I love the Rennie Mackintosh designs. This would certainly inspire me too.

LazyKay said...