Sunday, 1 February 2009

Lots to do Challenge - in stitches.

Phew this was a toughie on the Lots to do Challenge

Well I have had a go and given it my best shot! As always 'click image to enlarge'

My friend Kath gave me some beer mats - which I have prepared with Gesso, so decided to use one for this challenge.

A scrap and I mean a scrap it only just fitted the coaster - of ancient material - I knew it would come in handy - was used to cover one side of the coaster.

I printed out an image and enhanced it with inks - love that blue colour! It took ages to dry! I then cut out the section I wanted, and glued that on too. I cut out a little phrase and adhered that too - rather fiddly!

I found some vintage buttons in my rusty old button tin, and stuck those on too - I was going to sew them but the coaster is rather thick so didn't want to risk messing it u

I added blue to the buttons to take off the shine a bit - but I might wipe it off - as I am not 'sure about it' what do you think? I either need to add a lot more blue - or to return them back to their original colour.

I distressed the material so that was frayed and ran a black ink pad around it to enhance the fraying.



LazyKay said...

Love that image you've chosen and I think the buttons are ok - well they look ok on my screen because they pick up the blue on the girl's dress.



crafty creations said...

Stunning Lottie and I love the buttons they look so well "used" - the liitle girl looks so intent ion her work - thank you so much for joining the Lotstodo Challenge with such a gorgeous piece

Paula said...

I think the buttons look ok too - lovely piece of work Miss L

Ang C said...

a stunning piece of work

Momiji said...

I really love the nostalgia in this piece and the touches of blue are just right...great image..

Jaqi said...

wow its a great image, you have done a fantastic job with it, well done, Jaqi

craftytrog said...

It's gorgeous Lottie! x

Lil Sis said...

its lovely

Shairon said...

I think it's stunning too! Well done on yet another fabulous piece of artwork. xx

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

One of my favourite pieces of yours. The colours work perfectly, great balance and composition Lottie .