Saturday, 31 January 2009

BIA Note Book - Paris Parfum

Still making art from recycled scraps, this is a 5"x3" Bind it all note book, made from cardboard from a box which had acetate in it, and a lined notepad from a supermarket.

I ordered some Elusive stamps in their sale - and was delighted to get four out of the eight items I ordered - and here is one of them. I only have a few 'sentiments' or words - and now look for plates which contain at least some words.

This came from the Paris Parfum plate. (You can click on the image to enlarge it)

I stamped the background which looks just lovely on it's own - but decided to add a bit of texture for extra interest.

I used another stamp to recreate a 'business card' from the Perfumery, on another scrap of the same card (thick card so its really good), which I embossed so it looks lovely and shiny in real life and feels great.

You can't really see it in the photo but I edged all around with a black ink pad and 'smudged' it to give it a softer border.

I used the same thick card for the back of the book, and covered both side of it - and the back of the front cover, with scrap paper. I think it must have been something my daughter in law gave me. It looks and feels like hand made paper and is the same colour and texture as the card. It is stamped all over with painted silver swirls, very similar to those of the stamp I used. It looks and feels lovely, almost velvety and is very thick. (I had to iron out the folds first!)

I rather like the effect of the natural card and then the natural type paper. I will add fibres and probably a charm or two when it comes to giving or sending it to someone as a gift.

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LazyKay said...

That's quite vintage (I know what I mean) sort of fabric-ey and well good!