Friday, 3 October 2008

Gothic Arch

I made this Gothic arch this afternoon - photographed it under a light.

I am considering entering it for a swap - but need to do a few more yet before I decide.

The backing paper is one that I made myself - then scanned it - as it was too thick - and I am pleased with the result of the whole sheet.

I made it layering paper on top of paper and painting it with thick paint - more layers and Japanese news paper and rough strips. I forgot all about it - it was in a book 'flattening'.

The image is a vintage Japanese black and white print - but I am 'into' colours at the moment - so I painted it with inks. It is quite intricate - so took a long while - but I am happy with it now that it is finished - I think.

This was taken in late afternoon daylight indoors.

I managed to achieve depth and shading painting on layers of ink - pretty tricky doing the garland of flowers - especially the stem - and painting the face white with the cupid lips!

You can't see on here - but in natural light you can see the shading, the strands of hair, and all the little details of the flowers.

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