Saturday, 4 October 2008

Gothic Arch - Inky Saturday

I am still experimenting with my new pots of ink - and trying out lots of experiments.

This was a copy of a black and white Victorian photo which I printed off on plain paper then coloured it by painting with inks.

It took ages - well more than two hours - and you need to be patient - which is tough for me.

Close up of layers and 'grass'

Part of the foreground I painted with ink and the gold ink rubbed over it.

I am not very good at painting - so I just painted green ink over the plain background- but it looked too plain - so I smudged some gold ink over it - and it looks a bit like it has been painted on wood - more solid looking.

In 'natural' indoor light in my studio - its hard to imagine that she started off as a black and white copy of an old Victorian photo.

Photo taken under a light so that you can see the rubbed on gold and inked gold - it looks better in real life as the light catches the gold in.

Finally - here she is photographed on a different backing - doesn't it bring the colours out?


sam21ski said...

Sure does, another fab arch Lottie xxx

Anonymous said...

love this - it reminds me of the hand tinting they used to do to black and white photos years ago.