Wednesday 15 January 2014

A life made by hand journal page 3

I will never look at the Sunday supplements as 'rubbish','junk' a 'waste of paper' again.

I have been looking through them with 'different' eyes for supplies and inspiration
for art journalling.   Gluing and sticking is probably a better term for what I am 
doing at the moment.  The 'art' perhaps will come later!

 The background and wording and the backing paper
are all from the Sunday supplement magazines.

The  blue backing paper is in fact a shuttering on a window which I managed to cut enough little strips, and turned them on the side and shaded!
I have inked around the lettering to make it show up - I think that was from a food advert which I cut and took out the words I wanted to turn into a prompt!

This is the journalled page.
I am not being 'picky' about my writing as Kelly Kilmer said not too.
I think that it will improve if I could find a pen that will write better on shiny paper
and also if I practice writing more.  I have been typing for so long on a computer
my writing has suffered as a consequence!

If any of you know of a pen that will definitely work on shiny surfaces I would very much appreciate the name and a link too if possible.

Thank you for looking


sam21ski said...

Great page xxx

Christine B. said...

Great to see you blogging and journaling again Lottie. Hugsx ChrisB

Sandies' Patch said...

Have you tried the fine nib CD writer pens? I use these on the plastic takeaway lids/margarine/icecream tubs for the freezer, it doesn't wear off and dries really quickly. Havn't tried them on glossy mag paper though!

I'm currently using junk mail/magazines etc to make woven baskets (WIP), when woven, they are sanded to give a keyed surface to paint. You don't have to paint but, I want more subdued colour.
Sandie xxx

gardenpinks said...

Love this one Lottie, you are finding some gorgeous images.

Unknown said...

Love love love it, you have inspired me to find my journal and get back into it again.
Sheel x

Luvcreatincards said...

Hi Lovely Lottie,
Your newest art journal page is gorgeous - I love the texture that you managed to create behind the text, when I first saw it I thought that you had used blue corrugated card. What a brilliant idea and your image is lovely too. It's amazing what you can find searching through magazines. I must make some time and make a start on our Kelly Kilmer workshop, otherwise I'm never going to catch up with you.
Thank you for sharing your lovely creation and hints on your inspiration.
Warmestbest wishes,