Wednesday 6 November 2013

Mail Art - Envelopes this time.

 I decided to sort out my stamp drawers today and see what exactly I had.
we have been having a Mail Art envelope swap with members from around the globe
It's a brilliant site as well as a really active forum and it has really got me back into 
crafting again.   I made five envelopes so sent them all off yesterday.  You only needed to make
one but I got carried away!
Sorry - I digress.  Whilst sorting out my stamps I came across some I hadn't used  before.
The little girls were second hand in a job lot I bought so long ago - I had to ink it up to see
what it was - then having done so decided to make an envelope with some tea dyed paper 
I had sitting in a roll on the corner of my desk waiting to inspire me.
The middle of the above is left blank for the address.

On the reverse I used another second hand set of stamps - cling ones this time.
I water coloured the tea stained paper with blue and used water colour crayons for the girls.
This one I am going to hold on to for a little while and enjoy it on my notice board in my studio


Christine B. said...

Beautiful stamping Lottie, it's always great fun when we find stamp treasures we had forgot about.
Love your envelopes, they are beautiful, someone will treasure those. Love and hugs x ChrisB

gardenpinks said...

Fabulous mail art Lottie. Really love these, so creative, imaginative and arty!
Lynn xxxx

Luvcreatincards said...

Hi Lovely Lottie,
WOW the two sides of your Mail Art envelopes are GORGEOUS - how lovely to find such great goodies in a job lot of stamps. It looks as if you bought yourself a real bargain. The little girls stamp is adorable and the postal stamps are just the sort of stamps I'd love too.
Lots of love and warmest best wishes,

sam21ski said...

WOW these are gorgeous Lottie, how wonderful to receive something as lovely as this through the post.

Sam xxx