Monday, 28 October 2013

Wilder, windier and wetter - so another day in the studio

So now that I have lots of pages prepared I am ready to have a play - this is the fun part - getting messy.

I printed some free black and white images from the internet then coloured them in and distressed them.
This is just the the start!
Click on photos to enlarge!
I found this postcard image and decided to paint it before painting the page with all the colours I had used on the print - plus silver rub and buff - and added some little roses which I had painted to match.

(The white smudges are in fact silver so do not look harsh in natural light)
When painting with water colours, you have to gradually build up the layers
So a lot of patience is called for!
But it is worth the effort I think.
The above image - a little larger than an ATC took me a couple of hours+
to paint and finish - shading and layering the paints and gold.
She is mounted on a torn vintage sheet of written notes, and
a piece of brown torn, stamped paper.
The Marie image on the material and card came with some bags which I purchased a number of years ago from Lilla.  I kept her safe - in a drawer - but decided to add her to the book with just a few background layers and a kiss of gold here and there.  I love her to bits.

More to follow


gardenpinks said...

Fabulous, such creativity. Love these :)

Lynn xx

Luvcreatincards said...

Oh my goodness Lotti,
Your book is beautiful,your images are so pretty and I love all textures you have have achieved with your layering and the stitched fabrics look gorgeous. I've made a few similar little journals and some smaller tag books and just love how they turned out. I think the best part is not knowing before hand exactly how things will go or the finished result. Can't wait to see what's to follow.
Lots of love

Paula Whittaker said...

looks like you've been having fun creating - wonderful project.

maggie said...

Oh what fun you are having, Lottie! Fabulous pieces.

Maggie x