Thursday, 14 March 2013

Back at last

It's been a long time coming, but at last I feel like crafting again, and joining in on the couple of arty crafty forums I belong too.

The first thing I tried was creating a postcard - for a monthly swap.

It really was like trying to learn how to stamp and paint again.  I was quite pleased with my effort at the time - but with hindsight, there is a lot of room for improvement so I won't show it on here.

I also decided to join in a decorated beer mat swap.

As I haven't joined in for so very long, I took my theme from one of my favourite Jo Capper Sandon's sentiment stamps - which is 'Even Silence Speaks'.  I have it on display all the time and read it every day.

So, although the stamp does not appear on the front of the beer mat - it is stamped on the back

The stamp for this image I have had for years - but don't remember the manufacturer.
The lady looks so sad and thoughtful.
The butterfly is symbolic - said to be sent by a loved who's passed to cheer you up!
I have coloured the lady with pastels - it's a bit hard to see her pale pink face in the photo, and she has brimming eyes and tears running down  her face.
The butterfly I painted, and glossed too.

My 'take' on "Even Silence Speaks"


Glennis said...

Lottie, that is just beautiful

Createology said...

Welcome back. You have truly put so much sentiment into this lovely and toughtful piece. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Netty said...

Beautiful take on your quote. Smashing to see you back blogging Lottie. Hugs Annette x

Paula Whittaker said...

Nice to see you crafting again Lottie...hope you enjoyed your time creating it x

gardenpinks said...

You have been sorely missed Lottie and I am so cheered that you are back with us again :)
This is a beautiful coaster.
Lynn x