Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fabulous Flower Arranging Friday

Q:  What can you do on a cold wet Friday in the middle of the countryside?
A:  Drive to another lovely village in the middle of the countryside and do some flower arranging!

It was one of those days when you really just want to stay indoors in the warm and dry.
But I am so very glad that I didn't
Instead I drove for half an hour to another lovely village in the middle of nowhere.
 And together with eight other like minded ladies
 We got together and had a fabulous time playing with flowers
Mine are a mixture of English country garden flowers and foliage
 With roses, and carnations bought from a supermarket for £2 a bunch
So for the princely sum of just £12 which included all the flowers, hall hire, two pieces of cake, refreshments, and wonderful company, who could ask for anything more.

The rain didn't seem so bad on the drive home, the long traffic queues  in the town I go through as all the children come out of their respective schools and waiting parents in cars clog up the roads, cars pulling out of side roads causing more mayhem, a silly  driver on one of our country lanes doing an emergency stop then suddenly trying to turn right down a lane he had over shot - didn't even manage to spoil my mood!
Today the sun is out again after heavy rainfall most of the night, and having such a small bungalow I only have one table I can put my arrangement on to it's hard to photograph - but oh how the sunshine through the garden room roof has opened up the roses and the deep pink iceplants, and hydrangeas.

It's summer in my heart today.

Off to let my chooks out.


Hilda said...

You have certainly put some Summer sunshine in my heart today, too Lottie xx Beautiful arrangement, I can close my eyes and smell the wonderful frangrance!! xx

Angelnorth said...

Gorgeous arrangement, glad the workshop lifted your mood too!

sam21ski said...

WOW Lottie, fabulous indeed, they look stunning.

Hope you're doing okay and your eyes are all back to how they should be now.

Sam xxx

Deborah said...

Your flower arrangment is so lovely, Lottie. And a good way to keep the Autumn rain and chill away!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful arrangement Lottie, love the colour combination too and it certainly seems like summer again with all the fresh green foliage. The rose has a similar colour to David Austin's Old English rose called Brother Cadfael - now that has the most gorgeous scent :)
Lynn xx

Elizabeth Kerr said...

Hi Lottie
what a lovely way to spend a wet day. Almost sounds like what I see on Escape to the Country Programmes.
Love your flower arrangements. I certainly cant do flower arranging.
Love your work room too, wish I could keep mine straight. a terrible mess.
Found you thru Polyclay forum
bye for now.
XXX Elizabeth.

Melinda Cornish said...

the flower arrangement is so really have a talent there.

Lucy Edmondson said...

Oooh, it is so beautiful!

Lucy x

Melinda Cornish said...

and the arrangement is a stunner....what a great day!