Monday 17 September 2012

At last - something I can post - a fabric postcard!

At last, I can actually show a bit of artwork that I have had a chance to complete.

I have a number of projects with polymer clay that are 'works in progress', all experiments.

The majority of my time  has been spent working up my allotment and in the garden, and cooking, freezing, and processing the produce - of which is a freezer full!

I put my name down for a swap - the title was a 'Textured Fabric Postcard.'
I received mine at the very beginning of the month - shock - horror!
It looked nothing like the one I had in my mind to make, but I decided to go ahead and do it anyway.

When I think of fabric and textures, I think of all the textures of clothing.
So this Dressmaker's Sampler was made with that intention.
The vintage lady is stamped on a piece of very fine 1930's cream silk that has permanent random vertical 'creases' in to the material - that's the reason why in the photo there are dark looking patches - it's shadows from the lighting - I should have had a spotlight from above!  In 'real life' it is gorgeous fine cream silk -just amazing-and feels so soft and silky and feminine - wish I had more than just a small sample.  It's so fine that I didn't dare sew to on - but used 'poppers' and metal eyelets, and just frayed the edges.

I have included suggestions of different fabrics - each one a different  texture/material  - silk, satin, cotton, woven brocade, embroidered, beaded, velvet, even a peice of dark brown suede.
There are tiny metallic beads on her hat and on a fine peice of netting that turn different shades of blue to purple as the light catches them.  Different colours of vintage embroidery threads, and coloured studs.  Three different tiny wooden beads - accessories for necklaces, and a vintage mother of pearl button too.

There are so many different textures to feel and experience from the backing, a thick woven tweed,  to the coolness of the metals, and beads, to running your finger up and down the row of samples.  

It's taken me two days and about eight hours to make - I wish I wasn't such a slow coach - perhaps I should have painted a piece of fabric instead and stuck on some bits and pieces to give it texture - I think perhaps that was what was intended. 

Oh dear I hope this will do!


sam21ski said...

Well I think it's gorgeous Lottie. It's whatever you interpret the theme to be and everyone is diverse and has different ideas to share, which is what it's all about!!

Sam xxx

Paula Whittaker said...

Stop worrying missus.....this will be just perfect for the swap - and dont worry how long it takes you to make things either...because as long as you found it enjoyable, then thats all that matters.

Netty said...

Your fabric collage is beautiful Lottie. Whoever receives this will be thrilled to bits. Annette x

Christine B. said...

Hi Lottie your fabric post card is beautiful they will be trilled to bits with. Nice to see you crafting again. Love and hugsx ChrisB

Cath Wilson said...

Love those textures and can almost feel that silk - gorgeous. Beautiful, evocative work, Lottie - such a lovely, vintage feel to it x

Anonymous said...

Lottie this is beautiful, you have incorporated so much texture adn created a wonderful piece of art. Whoever receives this will be very pleased with their keepsake:)
Lynn x

Angelnorth said...

I'd be delighted to be on the receiving end of this in a swap! I love the idea of a set of swatches for a fashionable lady to choose from. I think themes are there for interpretation and everyone will have a different take - yours is no less valid that anybody else's so stop worrying!

PaulineC said...

It is great when people interpret themes in a diverse way. Yours is totally different from the swap I have made but that is what makes swaps so interesting. I also take hours to make things, but I like to think that the results are worth it in the end. I love this postcard, and I am positive that your swap partner will too.
Pauline C

Deborah said...

Looks wonderfully tactile. I am sure your swap partner will love it - I know I would.

Unknown said...

I love it and am sure the recipient will too. So please do not worry.


Kath said...

That is absolutely wonderful. If I received this in a swap I would be hanging it on my wall to look at and admire.At first I was going to say I would be framing it but it would be a shame not to be able to touch all those tactile surfaces.

PaulineC said...

I had not realised when I posted earlier that I AM your swap partner! It arrived today and it is even more lovely than it looks on the photo. The fabric textures are sublime. First and foremost in my craft loves is things made out of fabric and this is quite stunning. Thank you so much Lottie for your fabulous post card. I really am thrilled with it.

salamanda said...

This is a gorgeous layered ATC and the person getting it is one lucky swapee (is that what you call them?)

Hilda said...

Pauline, how lucky are you to get this masterpiece!!!! Wish I had entered this swap,just did not have time, next time maybe?? Fabulous work Lottie - I know you are your own worst critic, but this is simply stunning xx

Unknown said...

I think it is wonderful. textures are what fabric is all about.