Thursday 2 August 2012

Trinket box - and stuff!

I have achieved quite a lot since my last post - but the projects have had to be done in stages and left overnight, or 48 hours in some cases.
The above is a little bird made out of polymer clay, which I painted with iron Verday paint from Happy Daze  .  I left it to dry and painted it again with patina and left it for 48 hours.  I am amazing myself at my patience waiting 48 hours - but I am being very good and it's really worthwhile following the instructions to the letter!

It's a lousy photo of it - sorry for that - it's dreaful weather here - thunder and lightening.  The head, back and wings look like iron after I had given them a good rub - they come up a lovely metal iron grey.  I left the chest and underbelly rusty - I rather like the effect.  

Another thing that's been a long time in the making is this little wooden box - which I think I bought from Happy Daze a very long time ago in a set - but I can't remember.

I just love the crackle glaze projects and boxes that Ginger creates - if you click on her name it will take you to her blog and a fantastic box she has made for the Stampotique Design Team of which she is now a member.

I looked up on the internet instructions on how to  create the crackle effect using PVA glue and acrylic paint.  I followed it to the letter - but it didn't work for me - I got sludge which didn't dry after two days.  So I scraped it off, dried the remnants, sandpapered it, and did something completely different.

I made a textured paste covered box, painted it with two coats of acylic. Then I rubbed some rub and buff gold over it all to emphasise it, painted and rub and buffed some beads and stuck those on for feet - and left it all alone for another 24 hours.

 Painted the insides with matt black and stamped on some swirls, and added a lock.
I then set to, to decorate the lid.  I made some little roses out of translucent polymer clay.

I made some translucent 'sausages' and plaited them to make a bag handle and to decorate the bottom.  I also cut out a slab of polymer clay and decorated that.

Now here is where I need your imput.  Would the plaiting look better with a light touch of rub and buff gold - or is that overdoing it!  Also - do you think I should add some gold fleckle to the lid  to 'tie in' with the fleckle on the gold slab - or does it look ok as it is? 

++ edited to say that I have now smooshed a light coating of gold rub and buff one the plaited clay)

Whilst I was waiting for paint to dry, I just sat and daydreamed out of my studio's side window.

The sun came out and made the hollyhocks glow with colour - these are over six feet tall,
Five minutes later the rain came!


cockney blonde said...

Love the box and the hollyhocks, amazing colours. Perhaps a little bit of colour to the handle but don't overdo it, x

sam21ski said...

WOW Lottie you have been busy and extremely patient. Absolutely love bird in the first picture, it looks stunning.

Sam xxx

Netty said...

Your bird is looking good as is your fab box. Methinks Ginger could give you the best advice on the questions you ask. Glad to see you are enjoying your adventures and having fun. Annette x

Sam & Poppy said...

Loving your makes Lottie!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bird Lottie and love the box; the texture paste, paint and gold look brilliant.
I would give a hint of gold to the handle and the bottom decoration but only a hint. Otherwise it is gorgeous. Like the bird plaque vey much.
Oh what beautiful hollyhocks, I always think they are so majestic :)

Don't give up on trying to achieve a crackle effect with pva glue - it is great when it works! Sometimes it can be a case of trying another pva glue. I use a cheap glue I bought from a poundland type shop and it works for me :)

Lynn x

Paula Whittaker said...

You sure do have patience, as I couldnt wait for 5 mins let alone days!
Lovely creations...really like how the bird has turned out.

Sheelagh Tomsett said...

Love your box and translucent clay, must try it.

Have you thought of using Elmers glue, it is the only glue that works for me every time.

Angelnorth said...

That bird is stunning - what did you use to mould it? Love the trinket box, the stamped slab looks great!

Lucy Edmondson said...

Your trinket box is absolutely beautiful, Lottie! I love the bird and the blue you have used. I think a touch of gold on the plaiting would pull the colours together a bit, but really it is perfect as it is. I have never got PVA crackle to work and don't like to waste something like a box by having it go wrong,

L x

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Delightful wee bird! And I like your little roses too.

Ginger said...

I love your bird, he does look old and like you have just dug him up out of the garden. Re the crackle, I think gardenpinks is right, its due to the make of PVA, the cheaper and runnier the better. But I have now started to use the fresco Crackle medium as they stopped making the PVA I was using and my big bottle ran out ( sobs in despair) x