Sunday 8 July 2012

Gotta pick a poppy or two

Well I have managed to make five poppy buttons - and I'll be using four for the swap  - just the red ones, although I do like the orange poppy in the middle - but it's a lot thicker button than the rest.  I tried to paint a Meconopsis blue poppy - but it just didn't look right so that hit the bin!

These look better in real life than in the photo - silly me took it in the garden room which has a glass roof so they lighter in the photos than they really are.
I was quite pleased with the glazing - and even more pleased that I left them alone and didn't mess them up!

It's a shame that I have to sew them onto a tag as it'll mess up a part of the poppy - darn it - I wish I had thought of that before.

Looks like I might have to start all over again!

Next is the hardest part for me - trying to make the tag that they have to be mounted on.

*** Edited***
Thanks for your comment Sam - but I have already put the holes in the buttons.
I did think about a shank but I doubt that I could do that as these are made from polymer clay and I am not sure about how I could have attached a metal one!


Jacqui Chimes said...

I hope I get these!! They're gorgeous (I like the fish too)

sam21ski said...

Can't you put some sort of an eye on the back of them and have them as sticky up buttons instead of ones which have the holes in the actual button. Do you know what I mean? I know what I'm trying to say, just not doing a very good job of it. It would be a shame to have to drill holes and put thread over them.

Sam xxx

PS Well done for leaving them alone!!

sam21ski said...

Shank is the word I was looking for, just Googled it!!

Can't you make them into shank buttons?


Angelnorth said...

I reckon if you use black thread it will barely be noticeable! they look fab, well done! Superglue works well with polymer clay so if you wanted to attach a metal shank to future projects that would be a good option (I get the tiny tubes that come five or so in a pack from the pound shop so that if it dries up in between uses I haven't lost much).

Christine said...

Don't beat yourself up so much, Lottie! You've made a splendid job of those buttons, and I'm sure anyone would be absolutely delighted to receive them! I know I would!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm in total awe - these are beyond gorgeous! I think I said before that poppies are my favourite flower and you've done a beautiful job of painting these. Not easy to do in such a small size I wouldn't think.

Christine B. said...

Wow Lottie these buttons are stunning. Hugs x ChrisB

Lucy Edmondson said...

These are SO gorgeous! Are you going to tell us how you made them?

Lucy x

Maggie R said...

Lottie these buttons are gorgeous..Poppies are one of my faves.. Well done