Monday, 9 April 2012

One eyed crafting

Apologies in advance for the dreadful  photos and any typing errors.

I have been trying to craft with the 'corrected' eye seeing only long distance, and the other eye not being able to see clearly more than a foot!

I ordered some crafty goodies from Happy Daze  the link is in my side bar too.  Amongst them were the set of 'Flapper' stamps and a chunky wooden ATC.  I think that I will enter this for the Happy Daze Challenge here
In real life it does look so much better and I am pleased with my efforts - but  you'll have to take my word on that!

 It's taken me quite a few days to accomplish with blurry vision.
The wooden block is the colour of pine, and it has a lovely grain, so I mainly left it as it was and just added a bit of white ink in the middle to stamp on.
 I used sepia ink for the image and swooshed a bit of water colour pencil around the edges of it.
Of course I had to pick the hardest colour combinations to photograph!  
Trust me!

I used a sepia water colour pencil to add extra colouring and shading to the images.
and a light coating of copper rub and buff to pick up the wood grain.
The idea was to create a faux perfume bottle.

 Crickey these photos are so bad which is such a shame as it looks pretty in real life and more like a bottle with the light catching the copper highlights and the wooden knob on the top shines like solid metal.
I really love this set of stamps and can't wait to see again so that I have really play with them.
It's been ages since I stamped - I really lost enthusiasm for it - but I have got it back now.

8 days until my next operation - and only 9 days until I'll have 20/20 vision in both eyes - yippee.

(But I'll still need reading glasses)


Shairon said...

Gorgeous "perfume bottle" and I love those stamps too! Good luck with your op. Hope it is a huge success! x

maggie said...

A fabulous piece, Lottie. If this is what you can make with only half vision I'm so looking forward to seeing what you make once you have 20/20 vision again. Roll on 9 days time!


Hels Sheridan said...

aw bless you, sending a big hug and a hope that in a few days time both eyes will be back to how they should be... I am as blind as a bat so I know what it is like to not be able to see properly... thank heavens for my contact lenses! Lovely wooden ATC... tis gorgeous x

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, what treasure, Lottie and well done for stamping it with one eye!! Hope the op goes well and you'll be able to see great afterwards - that's a real boon in itself. I'd love not to have to wear my glasses. Love the gold and white x

sam21ski said...

Wow Lottie this looks absolutely fabulous. Love how you've turned it into a chunky bottle.

If this is what you can create one-eyed, I can't wait to see what you make when you have 20/20 vision!!!

Sam xxxx

Ginger said...

This works really well and looks exactly like a perfume bottle, clever idea. x

Netty said...

Loving your altered chunky and your fab stamps. Terrific idea turning into a perfume bottle. Hope you feel better soon. Thank you for joining in the fun with us at Happy Daze, Annette x

Ephemera said...

Hi Lottie, loving your gorgeous chunky gold ATC, these are quite addictive aren't they! The flappers are the perfect size for this too. I sympathise with regard to your vision, I am very short sighted so don't need glasses for close work hence I'm always losing them in the midst of my craft mess. xx

Sid said...

Fabulous chunky ATC ........great effects !!

Samantha Read said...

I love the effect you've achieved, it's delicate and beautiful and so feminine.
Thanks for joining in with us at Happy Daze, good luck x