Saturday, 10 March 2012

Happy Daze are here again......

The brighter days are making me feel better lately and full of the joys of Spring.  I have been spending a lot of time making and taking moulds with polymer clay, which has been fun, and relaxing.  But I have had the urge lately to get back into paper crafting for a while, and having been inspired by the members of the Happy Daze Design Team Blog and also the work lately of Ginger's Welcome to my World Blog and her fabulous work and this latest box she's decorated - it's kind of kick started me into having a go myself.

'You can't take it with you when you go Mum' as my sons keep telling me and urging to spend and just enjoy my old age - I decided to do just that.

A big box of goodies arrived in my porch early today.  My goodness, Moira at Happy Daze gets her orders out quickly.

Want to have a peek?
Having been used to 'feet and inches' for over 60 odd years - I have decided that I must get my head around these cms things.  I'm fine with metres, it's those darn little cms that get me confused!
When my eldest son was little was taught in metric, I asked him 'How long is a centimetre because I can't work it out?'  And  he would reply, 'It's the same size as a two'er in lego mum!' and sigh.  I think that I shall have to perloin a 'two-er' from my grandson's lego box and keep it by my side as a guide!

So, it came as a real shock when Ginger's little Paris Exposition box on her blog, is not a mini little box but is one of those HUGE boxes in the background!  It's so big that it is actually really  very  very useful - well both boxes are fabulous sizes.  

 And Jo Capper Sandon's  lovely wood mounted owl stamp which I absolutely adore, is tiny sitting on the top of the box, when I expected him to be as big as her bumble bee.  But I love him so much, he's actually the perfect size and makes a great addition to my collection of her Stampotique designs.  He really looks grumpy, but he is going to get so much use as I use stamps on all the letters I send out - and I have a serious lack of small stamps.  I have to admit to an addiction to Jo's stamps and they are the most used out of all the stamps I have.   They sit on a shelf right in front of my eyes looking at me,  and I just can't resist taking them down and using them.  There is something very tactile about the wooden stamps - and the old adage 'Out of sight, out of mind', is often the case as my unmounted ones langish is drawers behind me.

So, if in the next few weeks, I haven't started using this latest stash - will you please leave a comment and 'shout' at me to get my finger out!

If it's miserable weather tomorrow, then I might just make a start - if not I have to spend a couple of hours up the allotment.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Sally said...

Lovely stash, can't wait to see what you make :)

sam21ski said...

Ooooh Lottie I'm impressed with your spend!! Love the boxes and like you say I didn't realise they were that size either. Carols box is fab isn't it. Love the stamp sets you went for too. I for one will be one of the people shouting at you to get it started - lol

Happy Daze!!!

Sam xxxx

Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, lots of lovely stash, Lottie - brilliant. No excuse not to play now! Get your fingers inky!!!

Angelnorth said...

Sounds like you brought your sons up right ;o) Great haul of stash there, looks like hours of fun to be had - let us know when you've made something so we can come and see!

Ginger said...

Lovely lot of stash to play with there, cannot wait to see what you make. Yes those boxes are quite big. I used the smaller one of the two. I think it will be a nice size to keep old photo's in. x