Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Polymer clay play - Sliced pendants

Well moving on from yesterday..................and still snowed in................apologies for the photos, it's a dark day, and even darker in our little bungalow - I used a 'daylight' bulb but still didn't get a good photo - perhaps a photography course should be  next on the list!  The background is white in real life!

 An update on my Julie Piccarello inspired slices

 Now sanded and polished and glazed. 
This one made from all the project scraps is so thick that I need to make a special ring for it!

I enjoyed having a go at this project, and learnt a lot of what not to do as usual.

The original concept was to turn them into pendants but on reflection, these and the other couple I made are destined for keyrings methinks, for the garage, shed, back door, and front door.

Hmmm what shall I play with next?


sam21ski said...

Great pendants Lottie. You've chosen a lovely colour way, but I love that heart at the bottom. I think it's coz it's more of a funky heart shape.

Sam xxx

Angelnorth said...

Fab idea to use them as key fobs, I'm sure they'll see the light of day more often than if they all became pendants - great stuff!

Jack said...

These are beautiful. My fav. is the second one. xx

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

J xx

Sid said...

These have all turned out beautifully. Amazing how the colours blend !!